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Post-Breastfeeding Bras. Please Help!!

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Rabbiting0n Wed 12-Mar-14 13:04:41

Hi All, I'm having boob issues and need help.

Before I had DD I always had large-ish boobs (fluctuating between a D and an E cup). I've got a small frame but always had heavy boobs so went for under-wired, sturdy bras.

I recently stopped breastfeeding after 13 months of having massive rock-hard boobs, and I'm now left with no volume at the top of my breasts at all. They are smaller than there were pre-pregnancy and definitely saggy with loose skin (pretty horrible!)

The problem I have now is none of my bras fit me, because I have no volume at the top of my breasts; bras gape massively at the top of the cup, but I still need the support of a good bra. What type of bra is the best for someone with this problem? I know you can get different styles of fit but never paid too much attention to it before because I would spill out of anything other than full cup.

I also need to get some swimwear to address this problem as I'm holidaying with the in-laws in two months (eek!) and obviously, want to hide the horrible crepe paper skin I now have on my breasts, but am also a small size 6, and look young for my age (mid 20's).

Since having a baby I'm unsure how to dress for my new body shape, whilst still feeling young instead of frumpy.

Any advice or suggestions? I think this is a pretty common post-breastfeeding problem?

Thanks x

SorrelForbes Wed 12-Mar-14 13:12:29

OK, you need to look at balconette or half cup bras as these give good lift and support. I would advise staying away from plunge and full cup styles.

Moulded t-shirt bras are also tricky as they don't fit to your body shape, your body has to conform to their shape IYSWIM? Hence the gaping issue that many people experience with this type of bra.

Can I ask that you measure yourself following thisguide?

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