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Cruise wear? Inspiration and advice needed!

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fififolle Wed 12-Mar-14 10:18:16

We're going on a mediterranean cruise in May, it'll be the first time that we've done this type of holiday. We're going with Celebrity Cruises so I know that there are varying dress codes, but I don't know where to start!
We'll be relaxiing on the ship as well as sightseeing.
So far, on my packing list, I have:
swimsuit, flip flops and cover-up dress (no bikini as not a sun worshiper)
summer skirts, t-shirts and cardis
formal dress for the evening.
Can anyone offer any advice/suggestions? Thanks

WholeNutt Wed 12-Mar-14 11:11:39

Linen trousers could be a nice option?

fififolle Wed 12-Mar-14 11:14:48

Thank you. Ive got a few pairs of linen trouseres but was nwandering if I need to be erring on the smarter side for day time too.
I was also wandering what footwear would be best for daytime on the ship, I've been looking at the Skechers Go Walk but could do with some ideas.

WholeNutt Wed 12-Mar-14 11:20:24

I used to work on cruise ships and except for the formal evening it was all very casual during the day. Smart/casual for dinner. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and fabulous. It'll be a lovely cruise!

WholeNutt Wed 12-Mar-14 11:22:23

Sketchers might be good for off ship excursions around the deck otherwise sandals, flip flops whatever you choose.

WholeNutt Wed 12-Mar-14 11:22:57

Around the deck?!! Sorry ignore that bit stupid phone

fififolle Wed 12-Mar-14 11:27:00

Thank you Wholenutt I'll stopy worrying now! I can be a bit self conscious and was worried that I'd get the dress code completely wrong!

WholeNutt Wed 12-Mar-14 11:35:04

You can't get it wrong unless you're wearing hot pants on formal night grin have a fantastic time and if you're planning any spa/hair treatments book early or pre book before you embark as they can get very busy. Have a wonderful holiday!

fififolle Wed 12-Mar-14 11:38:25

Thank you!
I think I'd better read my posts before I submit them, there are alot of typos!!

BumWad Wed 12-Mar-14 11:40:13

I have been on 3 celebrity cruises.

I wear normal beach stuff when on the deck - bikini and cover up with flip flops

Comfy clothes for day trips, shorts, vests, dresses

For formal nights a very dressy dress, for the other evenings I still wore nice dresses!

fififolle Wed 12-Mar-14 11:44:15

Do mos men wear a dinner suit on formal nights?

fififolle Wed 12-Mar-14 11:45:03

*most men!

mirpuppet Wed 12-Mar-14 14:25:35

Comfortable shoes for walking in port. Check out the cruise critic boards for discussion of specific cruise lines/ what to pack and what to do in port.

I would not book spa appointments in advance. They tend to run specials. I have been on over 10 cruises and have always been able to book spa. The treatments are very expensive so they will try and fit you in to make their money. Hair appointments on formal nights might be difficult to book.

Enjoy your cruise.

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