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Gap sandals - yay or nay?

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LaTrucha Tue 11-Mar-14 22:00:15

These seem to be new in and gave me that, 'You're going to live in me all summer,' vibe. What do you think? Season's best, or very samey and can get them anywhere.

Haven't seen them in RL BTW

LaTrucha Tue 11-Mar-14 22:00:30


frankietwospots Tue 11-Mar-14 22:15:50

I like the gold ones. The others are a bit dull. The 30% off thing is on until tomorrow!

LaTrucha Tue 11-Mar-14 22:19:57

I liked the gold ones too, but I don't know what I would wear them with. I guess I am thinking about a black maxi skirt I like to wear to work, and what I will wear it with in the summer. Ballet flats don't seem right, wedges seem twee and flip flips seem for the beach. Though these would fit the bill. Don't know...

Passthecake30 Wed 12-Mar-14 07:00:12

I want the gold ones now....I find beige/gold easier fir summer as I tend to wear navy and brown

Anyone know what gap shoe sizing is like? I'm general a 6-6.5

sotiredfornow Wed 12-Mar-14 07:03:14

I like them! Very chic. And great value with 30% off smile

LaTrucha Wed 12-Mar-14 07:22:33

I have no idea about sizing. I would like to know.

Yes! £20 ish for new summer sandals. Not bad.

noddyholder Wed 12-Mar-14 07:54:52

Love them is 30% still valid?

frankietwospots Wed 12-Mar-14 09:12:26

Yes, the 30% offer ends today. I think you get the code/voucher emailed to you.

noddyholder Wed 12-Mar-14 09:32:01

Yes I have the email Thanks smile

Shimmyshimmy Wed 12-Mar-14 09:46:55

How do you get the email - I have signed up on the site but received nothing. sad

buttercrumble Wed 12-Mar-14 09:52:26

They are lovely I like the black ones

LaTrucha Wed 12-Mar-14 10:21:16

i think I just signed up for the emails. The site hasa 25% off code today. If you are on Quidco, they had 7% cashback last time I looked.

frankietwospots Wed 12-Mar-14 11:57:34

If you sign up for their emails, you get VIP discounts in due course (not immediately though, so you may miss out this time). The 25% code on the site is pretty good though.

Shimmyshimmy Wed 12-Mar-14 12:01:31

Thanks - had my eye on a few things, I suppose there's not much in it between 25 and 30%.

Nocomet Wed 12-Mar-14 12:06:19

Simple, nice and a very very good price with code.

I'm guessing not leather lined, but for a dress to the pub the evening thats not a huge problem. (I hate heels)

Nocomet Wed 12-Mar-14 12:07:45

The gold ones would be lovely with the right maxi dress and nicer to wander the sea front in than dead flat flip flops.

Shimmyshimmy Wed 12-Mar-14 12:09:26

Just signed up to gap using Dh's email address and I got the 30% - watch out credit card!

MrsDavidBowie Wed 12-Mar-14 12:13:02

And yet again they stop at a size 8.
So frustrating.

I am looking for summer sandals and estimate I will pay @ £150 for similar ones because I am a size 9-10.
Pisses me off.

LaTrucha Wed 12-Mar-14 13:04:27

I sympathise MrsDavidBowie. I have just paid four times the price of A to D swimsuits because of my cup size. I wore my last one to rags because I resent it so much. If you ARE Mrs david Bowie you have some compensations in life wink

They have some nice leather handbags too! And lightweight wool scarves....

OnIlkleyMoorBahTwat Wed 12-Mar-14 13:46:51

Not that it helps you, MrsDavidBowie, but they appear to be only available in 4/5/6. Surely they're not sold out of summer sandals at the beginning of spring?

<Weeps as everyone else is more organised shopping wise than I>

I'm only looking at sandals because I'm off to Tenerife in a couple of weeks, would not have crossed my radar until about June, otherwise.

BobblesAndClips Wed 12-Mar-14 14:38:31

I really shouldn't lurk on this board. I've just ordered these in 2 colours (to get free delivery) although I suspect the 6 will be too small but there are no bigger ones left. Bargain with the 30% off though.

noddyholder Wed 12-Mar-14 15:30:40

I decided against them as I have gold sandals but did get the snake espadrille ones for £24 smile

AgathaF Wed 12-Mar-14 19:02:50

Yet another shop claiming that an 8 is a 41. Thought Gap would be better since they do clothing in a tall range - it obviously doesn't include footwear. Very disappointing.

Shimmyshimmy Wed 12-Mar-14 20:22:51

I think shoe sizing changed a year ago maybe more, I used to wear a size 7 or 41, now it's a size 40 and the 41 is huge on me.

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