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Guest at a wedding.. Rules?

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NachoAddict Tue 11-Mar-14 21:22:48

What rules/guidelines do you follow when choosing a dress to wear as a guest at a wedding. I know the obvious one, not wearing white but other than that I am lost.

The wedding is my sisters and will be in August.

What are you wearing for weddings this year?

Fridayschild Tue 11-Mar-14 21:25:16

I wouldn't wear black either.

you are going to be in photos with the bridesmaids, aren't you? What are they wearing, or what colour themes has your sister chosen? I think you need to strike a balance between not clashing with her colours and not looking like a wannabe bridesmaid....

Forgettable Tue 11-Mar-14 21:27:24

No micro mini dresses and boobs in please

PassNoRemark Tue 11-Mar-14 21:29:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pussycatdoll Tue 11-Mar-14 21:30:56

I usually go to a few shops and have a look
Dresses don't tend to suit my shape so I wear skirt pretty top & heels
Wouldn't wear a suit too work like
Could you go with your sister or your mum shopping & try a few things on?

MyNameIsKenAdams Tue 11-Mar-14 21:31:36

No white
If a hat keep it small
Legs or arms on show
Sensible heel
If a church - shoulders covered

MyNameIsKenAdams Tue 11-Mar-14 21:32:22

Tea dress and cropped cardigan over

Smock style dress with sleeves

Wrap dress

NachoAddict Tue 11-Mar-14 21:33:07

The bridesmaids are wearing red. I will be in a lit if pictures with them.

What colours compliment red? Is floral print ok with it being summer?

So no white, black, cream, or red, no over exposure and no causal fabrics.

MyNameIsKenAdams Tue 11-Mar-14 21:33:42

NachoAddict Tue 11-Mar-14 21:35:45

We could make a shopping trip out of it. I tend to buy online as have three children in tow usually but I am due a girly day off.

MagicalHamSandwich Tue 11-Mar-14 21:36:22

No white or cream, no black, no upstaging the bride (i.e. nothing too flamboyant in terms of colour or cut), no ridiculous fascinators (because they.

Cocktail/evening is fine if it's a glamorous evening celebration, usually at a hotel.

Hat if a church wedding (and because they're just sooo much fun).

Shoes in which you can actually dance.

MagicalHamSandwich Tue 11-Mar-14 21:37:10

(because they simply look naff) - RE ridiculous fascinators

NachoAddict Tue 11-Mar-14 21:37:21

Thanks Ken, I love the shape of that dress but not so keen on the material/colour.

TheresLotsOfFarmyardAnimals Tue 11-Mar-14 21:37:30

Just not pink or orange really. Knee length is ideal and a head thing is optional. Do you suit brights or pastels? I like most shades of blue

NachoAddict Tue 11-Mar-14 21:39:01

Its a registry office followed by hotel so will give the hat a miss. I have a small head so look silly in hats anyway.

Are all fascinator's naff or just big ones?

NachoAddict Tue 11-Mar-14 21:40:52

I am Olive skinned so probably suit brights more than pastels. I don't often wear blue as I can look washed out.

Is purple ok?

Pink and Orange on the no list.

MsAspreyDiamonds Tue 11-Mar-14 21:42:19

Hem should be knee length, anything shorter and you will look like a 'lady of the night' as my dear late neighbour would say!

I went to a wedding last year & so many women where wearing bum length skirts & dresses with & without suitable knickers and then spent the day yanking their skirts down! Simple solution - wear a longer skirt / dress.

MyNameIsKenAdams Tue 11-Mar-14 21:45:16,mon_13.4/3532330208

PassNoRemark Tue 11-Mar-14 21:48:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheresLotsOfFarmyardAnimals Tue 11-Mar-14 21:51:00

You lucky duck, olive skin is so gorgeous. Definitely treat yourself to a shopping day. I like a knee length dress and jacket in case the British weather prevails. Navy, silver/pewter are nice and wouldn't fight with the red.

MagicalHamSandwich Tue 11-Mar-14 21:53:57

IMHO there are a few nice and a lot of horrible fascinators.

Personally I love little 30/40/50s style hats. Kind of like fascinators but a little bigger. You can find some really lovely vintage ones on eBay sometimes but quality/condition is hit and miss ...

NachoAddict Tue 11-Mar-14 21:56:09

That is a lovely dress thanks Ken, and how handy that they have a section labelled wedding guest!

I like this but not sure of the colours for me,,mon_1.2/5530710808

or this but would it clash with the bridesmaids?,mon_1.2/5531760808

sorry pass I couldn't click your link on my phone.

MyNameIsKenAdams Tue 11-Mar-14 21:59:01

Youve linked the same one twice but if it helps it is gorgeous!!

You shouldn't wear green either, it is considered by some to be bad luck.

NachoAddict Tue 11-Mar-14 22:04:15

Haha I must really like itgrin,mon_1.2/5531760808

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