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Black suit with brown shoes, who's right me or DH?

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MyGastIsFlabbered Tue 11-Mar-14 11:30:53

DH has gone for an interview today, wearing a black pin stripe suit. To my horror he started to put brown shoes on, he rolled his eyes at me. So who was right?

dexter73 Tue 11-Mar-14 11:40:07

Black shoes with a black suit imo.

chemenger Tue 11-Mar-14 11:45:36

Black with black, no question. Brown shoes are for the country, surely smile.

RayPurchase Tue 11-Mar-14 11:48:19

You are right.

MyGastIsFlabbered Tue 11-Mar-14 11:49:20

No-one's actually as horrified as I was though?

Martorana Tue 11-Mar-14 11:54:12

I would be outrqged!!!!!!!!!!

What colour socks was he wearing? <asks question with great trepidation>

coffeewithcreamm Tue 11-Mar-14 11:55:21

Has he never heard the saying: 'Black & brown, never in town'

Never in town!

sarahlundssweater Tue 11-Mar-14 11:57:09

"Black and brown with make you frown"

sarahlundssweater Tue 11-Mar-14 11:57:33


cupcake78 Tue 11-Mar-14 11:58:42

You are right!

coffeewithcreamm Tue 11-Mar-14 11:59:59

'Black & brown, you look like a clown'

Cantremembermyid Tue 11-Mar-14 12:01:41

an italian men would not consider to put black on black unless if with a pinstripe suit grin

Cantremembermyid Tue 11-Mar-14 12:01:55


Yoghurty Tue 11-Mar-14 12:09:51

Crap. I'm wearing a black dress with brown knee high boots today. And I'm in the city. Are people secretly sneering at me? grin

eurochick Tue 11-Mar-14 12:11:03

You were right.

Brown is ok with navy (preferable to black in my view, although some people are still sneery about it).

MyGastIsFlabbered Tue 11-Mar-14 12:11:38

I think his socks were black (possibly with bones on) that ok?

chicaguapa Tue 11-Mar-14 12:12:56

I don't know. The current trend is to wear brown shoes with a navy suit. So maybe black is ok.

Hope he gets the job.

JackNoneReacher Tue 11-Mar-14 12:15:45

I think he's right. Black with black for a funeral only.

BelindaAllWorkedOut Tue 11-Mar-14 12:24:10

According to and other websites, you are right:

BelindaAllWorkedOut Tue 11-Mar-14 12:26:25

Although I'm sure your DH will love to sit down and have a read of this article about it wink grin :

cattypussclaw Tue 11-Mar-14 12:27:35

I honestly can't see any reason whatsoever for a man to wear brown (formal) shoes. Ever. Unless you're wearing a brown suit in which case you'd at least be consistently hideous. (Possibly a biased post against brown as I wore it for my ENTIRE school life!)

WipsGlitter Tue 11-Mar-14 12:29:04


Never brown in town.

OpalQuartz Tue 11-Mar-14 12:36:33

Did you go to Catholic schools Catty? Have noticed more catholic schools went for brown uniform than non catholic, but might just be where i grew up

impty Tue 11-Mar-14 12:50:36

Black, not brown (in town)

coffeewithcreamm Tue 11-Mar-14 12:55:10

St Phil's in Sutton had a lovely brown uniform

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