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Are Zara's clothes notoriously poor quality?

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Notfootball Mon 10-Mar-14 17:36:20

I have read this twice in two days and I'm regretting having just bought a gorgeous yellow jacket which I am now worried will fall apart on first wash. Will it be okay or shall I just return it now?

Loopylu84 Mon 10-Mar-14 17:44:00

No the clothes aren't that bad, but the buttons do always fall off which is annoying
Other than that I've never had clothes fall apart from Zara, in fact I've had some really lovely and long lasting stuff

FrugalFashionista Mon 10-Mar-14 18:55:43

They used to be pure silk and cotton and I have lots of lovely old items from them but their clothes are really substandard these days. Trousers and bags can still sometimes be okay but currently I'm not buying anything from them any more. Last year I bought a pure cotton blazer from them, wore it three or four times. The fabric went weird and I'm ready to bin it. A Zara cocoon coat bought a year ago is a disappointment too - the lining is a bit too small and the coat creases is a really strange way when worn.

BriarRainbowshimmer Mon 10-Mar-14 19:16:15

Yes they are. I bought a top from them once and it looked like a rag after I washed it.

quietlysuggests Mon 10-Mar-14 19:17:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mamalovesmojitos Mon 10-Mar-14 19:34:20

I'm afraid I find their quality terrible, and most of my friends do too. The styles are so nice though. Hard to resist.

Capitola Mon 10-Mar-14 19:37:01

I like Zara & continue to buy from them despite the poor quality confused

I have just discovered a hole in a top I have worn and washed twice. This is typical of their clothes.

plentyofsoap Mon 10-Mar-14 19:55:07

I love their coats. I got one around 6 years ago and it still looks new.
Got a new coat just before xmas and it had to go back as it was ripped when it got here! Got a new one sent and that is ok but it has put me off.

AmberNectarine Mon 10-Mar-14 20:38:54

Yes, it's mass produced tat in the main - I won't buy from there anymore.

Notfootball Mon 10-Mar-14 20:53:37

Oh no! I love this blazer but don't want to waste my money. Going to have to find my yellow fix somewhere else.

MadBusLady Mon 10-Mar-14 20:57:26

I don't find them so at all, maybe my washing machine's just crap but I find they wash perfectly well. Buttons do come off yes, but I find that with all shops.

I also continue to be puzzled by the general MN hatred of anything not made of pure cotton/silk/unicorn tears and think a polyester blouse for thirty quid is perfectly good value if you're ok with wearing polyester, which I am!

satintaupe Mon 10-Mar-14 21:07:09

Most of the stuff I have bought from there has been poor quality; after only a couple of washes holes have appeared and seams have come apart.

dexter73 Mon 10-Mar-14 21:13:03

I find the quality of Zara pretty dire. I saw a nice top in there last week but couldn't find one that wasn't coming apart at the seams already. I rarely bother with them now tbh.

cloudskitchen Mon 10-Mar-14 21:48:55

I think you can get some great quality bits and some dreadful quality bits. You just have to pick and choose. Much like h&m although on the whole I think Zara do have the edge.

cloudskitchen Mon 10-Mar-14 21:53:03

madbuslady I don't mind a pretty polyester blouse either. I also have no issue with viscose either (its almost a natural fibre as it hails from wood pulp somewhere down the line grin )

Notfootball Tue 11-Mar-14 13:09:34

I have just re-examined it on the back of what you've said and it looks okay, shame about the lack of spare buttons. Think I may take my chances...

Focusingkingqueen Tue 11-Mar-14 13:15:28

Not at all. The buttons do fall off but generally is pretty good. I have loads which all lasts v well.

missmagnum Tue 11-Mar-14 13:23:47

I find it very hit and miss, you have to really inspect the item beforehand, check for spare buttons etc and try and envisage how the fabric will wear.

In general I find tops, jumpers, cardigans poor quality, however trousers, jeans and skirts seem to be okay.

I carry on shopping there, as they are one of the few high st shops that sell trousers long enough for me.

Stokey Tue 11-Mar-14 13:34:38

I've got a winter's coat from 2011-12 that is still OK, although this will probably be it's last winter and have sewn on buttons again.

I also have quite a few shirts and tops that have been going for a couple of years and look fine as well as a pair of black skinnies that are faded but fine. Try not to wash their stuff at higher than 30 & shld lbe ok for at least a season.

wiltingfast Tue 11-Mar-14 14:24:37

It's one of the few High St places I actually shop. I find the quality from H&M much worse tbh, bought a fair bit from H&M and Zara last Autumn and the Zara stuff has held up much better than the H&M stuff.

With any of the High St shops I will eyeball what I am buying quite carefully beforehand, checking buttons but also staining, quality of edging, symmetry etc as that does vary from garment to garment in the shop, sometimes quite a lot.

Actually I do that before I buy anything as you can't rely on any brand these days no matter what the price tag. I bought a sportmaxx dress a few years ago and the zip broke immediately, when i brought it back to the shop they said it happened all the time and they got it fixed for me.

foolssilver Tue 11-Mar-14 19:22:51

I have found the quality good in general with the exception of the linen mix tops which seem to shrink.

I guess it is like most places now in that it is hit and miss.

imnotweirdimlimitededition Tue 11-Mar-14 20:30:45

Poor quality yes just like a lot of high street clothes especially topshop

Notfootball Tue 11-Mar-14 21:46:45

Maybe I'll reinforce the buttons pre-wear and only dry clean when absolutely necessary.

BlueTimePrincess Fri 12-Feb-16 08:36:59

I know I'm posting way too late but I know for certain that the quality of clothes from Zara are cheap and of the poorest quality. I bought two coats from them, 1 had a rip in the pocket within a day and the other had a rip as well on the right side. Have you tried shopping in 61 Oxford Street (near Tottenham Court Road)? I suggest you don't, they're very rude!

DianaT1969 Fri 12-Feb-16 10:02:14

I disagree. Have two coats and several blazers over the last few years and all going strong. I don't put either in my washing machine though... I have them dry cleaned very occasionally. Are people putting jackets and coats in the washing machine?? No wonder the buttons are falling off.

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