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Bra size again plse help

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canyou Mon 10-Mar-14 15:46:36

I got measured today but feel they are wrong woman measured me with bra on but a badly fitting bra and told me I am a 32A or B depending on bra style/maker. The bra I bought is very uncomfortable and cvost ££. I am petit and have small boobs.
I measured myself when I came home so
Band is 29 inches
Breasts are 32 inches
So I think that means a b/c cup
Any help greatly received

SorrelForbes Mon 10-Mar-14 17:00:14

I'd say that the band is too big and the cup too small. try a 28C/D and a 30B/C. I suspect the 28D will be the winner.

canyou Mon 10-Mar-14 17:12:50

Thank you that was what I came up with also, I am child free grin tomorrow morning so may go and try on those sizes as the one I bought today is really wrong and not comfortable . But to be fair I was/have been wearing the wrong size for yearsblush I am doing a slow wardrobe clear out and am starting with underwear, it will be matching sets all the way from now on smile

SorrelForbes Mon 10-Mar-14 17:15:06

If you put the new bra on back to front, how far can you pull the band away from your body? Wearing it the right way round, if you scoop is there overspill? Does the central gore lie flat?

Which bra did you by?

canyou Mon 10-Mar-14 18:06:27

ok I can pull it a good 2 inches I would say
No over spill but the whole bra kind of gapes (sp?)confused but the cup is still full hmm the straps are tight but not digging into the skin I need wine wine

The gaping cups is classic "my band is too big" behaviour. The band isn't providing enough support so the whole thing falls forward

dare I ask where you were fitted?

canyou Mon 10-Mar-14 18:35:19

Debenhams angry sad The bra is really pretty I might try return it I offered to remove my own bra I did say I thought i was wearing the wrong size and she said no needhmm What really stopped me buying more bras today was that she told my Dsis that breast feeding bras all come in D cups and nothing smallerhmm

brokenshoes Mon 10-Mar-14 18:37:32

Sorry to hijack...

I measured myself the other day. 32" around the band, 37" across the breasts when I lean forward at 90 degrees.

Does that mean I'm a 32DD or 32E?

I have been wearing 36C.

And there we have the answer - debenhams fitting is very ropey - some stores have it sussed bbut others...not so much!

She was also gibbering a load of pish about breastfeeding bras - you might find it a bit tricky if you turn out to need say a 28C as they are as rare as rocking horse poop anyway, but chances are you will be even bigger cup wise when breastfeeding. But [[ and nursing&category=&subcategory=bras&answerhandle=19738&searchhandle=A%3dTNrange+not+in+olet~B%3dTNrange+not+in+olet~&pageno=1&sort=8&pagesize=28&colours=&sizes=32B~&brands=&maxprice=60&multioptions=&deptcat=20848&minprice=0&islmin=0&islmax=60&fo=Bras--32B~&cups=&bra=32B~&clothing=&cosmetics=&shoes=&mensclothing=&productid=&productcolour=&bboost=&gender=&rating=undefined here[[ is figleaves selection of 32B nursing bras, for example.

Brokenshoes - 32DD to start with

ah balls, and nursing&category=&subcategory=bras&answerhandle=19738&searchhandle=A%3dTNrange+not+in+olet~B%3dTNrange+not+in+olet~&pageno=1&sort=8&pagesize=28&colours=&sizes=32B~&brands=&maxprice=60&multioptions=&deptcat=20848&minprice=0&islmin=0&islmax=60&fo=Bras--32B~&cups=&bra=32B~&clothing=&cosmetics=&shoes=&mensclothing=&productid=&productcolour=&bboost=&gender=&rating=undefined here

Oh, ffs. and nursing&category=&subcategory=bras&answerhandle=19738&searchhandle=A%3dTNrange+not+in+olet~B%3dTNrange+not+in+olet~&pageno=1&sort=8&pagesize=28&colours=&sizes=32B~&brands=&maxprice=60&multioptions=&deptcat=20848&minprice=0&islmin=0&islmax=60&fo=Bras--32B~&cups=&bra=32B~&clothing=&cosmetics=&shoes=&mensclothing=&productid=&productcolour=&bboost=&gender=&rating=undefined tries again

WTF is with these bloody links today

and nursing&category=&subcategory=bras&answerhandle=19738&searchhandle=A%3dTNrange+not+in+olet~B%3dTNrange+not+in+olet~&pageno=1&sort=8&pagesize=28&colours=&sizes=32B~&brands=&maxprice=60&multioptions=&deptcat=20848&minprice=0&islmin=0&islmax=60&fo=Bras--32B~&cups=&bra=32B~&clothing=&cosmetics=&shoes=&mensclothing=&productid=&productcolour=&bboost=&gender=&rating=undefined

Right, I give up, what I am pasting is not what it's posting. look at nursing bras on figleaves, there are 35 listed under 32B!

brokenshoes Mon 10-Mar-14 18:47:12

Thank you StatisticallyChallenged.

canyou Mon 10-Mar-14 19:05:55

Thank you so much I will send the link to Dsis smile

however if the same woman fitted your dsis she's probably not the size she said either

canyou Mon 10-Mar-14 19:28:28

My sis did not get measured, she has leaking issues so padded her bra with pads wink

Almostfifty Tue 11-Mar-14 20:47:52

I have a wee query you lovely bra ladies.

I finally measured myself your recommended way. I am 28.5 inches underneath and 38 inches round my boobs. What on earth am I supposed to wear?

I've tried 32 bras, but they've always been really uncomfortable. I'm obviously not the 34D I thought I was!

SorrelForbes Tue 11-Mar-14 20:50:34

Try a 28GG and similar sizes e.g. 28G, 30m etc. I think we can can safely say that you're not a 34D!

canyou Tue 11-Mar-14 22:32:16

I am loving that I am a D cup in my local m&s cheapo bra thank you grin grin

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