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Interim weather clothes choices

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HelloBoys Mon 10-Mar-14 10:17:13

Sounds like a silly question but I'm kind of confused. confused

What do you wear in this weather (London, approx 13-15 degrees C) when it's warm but not warm enough to go bare arms etc. For work mostly.

Last year I wore dresses (sleeveless or short/just above elbow sleeves), knee length or above, with leggings and ballerinas, with a cardigan (light) and jacket (cotton) or cotton blazer or a wool Zara old one if a bit chilly with scarf (chiffon, silk etc) on top.

Is that what you'd wear?

I do recall when it got hotter I had the option (but had to ensure legs were ok, shaved etc) to ditch the leggings and do tights if necessary.

Thanks - sorry if this sounds muddled! smile

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