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Have you or your daughter/someone you know been in the Miss Newcastle/London/England/insert city name competitions?

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HighlanderMam Sun 09-Mar-14 22:00:21

A relative has competed in a few and won one. I haven't really asked too much about it apart from to wish her luck/hope you do well etc. She is 18 and loves doing it, it has done wonders for her confidence as she has a disability which meant she was quite shy growing up. She does some modelling and sees it as a way to further herself in that area as well.

What is it really all about though? What do they actually do on stage on the night of competitions? I know she does a lot of work raising money for charity during the year. I don't want to ask because I know I'll say something which might come across rude.

What's the point of the swimwear round? (I didn't think they actually still did swimwear rounds, makes me hmm ) Or the evening dress round? Are the dresses and swimsuits being judged (Does each girl only wear stuff from one shop/designer?) or is it just the girls being judged on looks?

What other rounds are there apart from ones judging how they look? I've read quite a lot (from girls who compete in them and elsewhere) about how it's not all about that and how they do so much more. So what else is it actually about?

HighlanderMam Sun 09-Mar-14 22:07:22

Sorry, maybe this is in the wrong topic..

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