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Hair sticking out, help needed

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StringBeanJean Sat 08-Mar-14 14:10:28

Dearest S&Bers, I have a hair quandary that is starting to drive me mad - please help if you can...

Over the past year my hair (straight, shoulder length, thick-ish) has started to do a strange thing. No matter what I do to it, when I wake up each morning my hair curves outwards (as opposed to curling under, hope you see what I mean). It's really annoying me as it means I have to style my hair every time I want to leave it down. It never used to do this.

I was thinking this was one of the many bi-products of giving birth - it can change your hair quite a lot, I think?

But I'm starting to suspect it might be the way my hairdresser is cutting it - would any hair experts out there agree? I always ask for a trim with no layers. But, it looks like the ends might be a bit thin, like she's cut into them or something. Would this make your hair curve outwards? If so, what sort of cut should I ask for to remedy it?

Any help gratefully received smile

figgypuddings Sat 08-Mar-14 14:15:59

<lurks, weeping, with birth- inflicted cow lick>

RaisinGirls Sat 08-Mar-14 14:26:41

I had something similar. I had changed hairdressers and happened to mention that I found it really hard to get a particular part of my hair to blow dry straight and it always kinked upwards. She explained it was how a previous hairdresser had cut it (something about cutting a layer underneath to think my hair out, which was fine at time but made it grow out funny as I grew my hair longer).

The only solutions she gave me was:
1) go shorter so the 'wedgey' bit that was causing the issues was cut out
2) keep my hair the same length for 12 months by each time I went to get a cut get it trimmed so gradually the 'wedgey' bit grew out.

I went with the latter, and its almost gone now.

Try speaking with your hairdresser and seeing if she can explain why its gone that way. Also, maybe go for a consultation with another hairdresser to see if they say similar / different things.

StringBeanJean Sat 08-Mar-14 14:32:34

Thanks RaisinGirls - that's really helpful, sounds just like my problem. I'd be so relieved if it was the hair cut and not my actual hair going barmy that's the problem. At least it sounds fixable. I will speak to my hairdresser as due for a colour next week, see what she says. Might bite the bullet and speak to another hairdresser too.

Maybe if I ask for a blunt, straight cut then it will start to correct itself...

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