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Smart/casual office dresses

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stella69x Fri 07-Mar-14 23:58:08

What brands are good? I am fed up of buying cheap nylon/polyester rubbish but have no budget to speak off. What brands should I be looking at on eBay?

I'm a 10/12 apple shape (bigger ribs, smaller hips), 5'6" and prefer above the knee

paneer Sat 08-Mar-14 00:24:38


stella69x Sat 08-Mar-14 12:01:19


ViviDeBeauvoir Sat 08-Mar-14 12:25:59

I tend to buy work dresses in phase eight/whistles/baukjen and I'm similar colouring to you. I have big boobs but slimmish hips and not much difference between my waist/hips (not sure what shape that is!)

I've just bought this:

shell dress


I find the shape of their dresses very flattering and if you're looking to buy second hand I often see their dresses coming up.
Not on ebay but both whistles and phase eight at debenhams have 25% off at the moment too.

ViviDeBeauvoir Sat 08-Mar-14 12:26:51

Not colouring, I meant height. blush

bunnymother Sat 08-Mar-14 12:32:07

GAp have 30% off at the moment and COMPTOIR have some silk dresses in the sale that look good, too

HelloBoys Sat 08-Mar-14 12:34:50

Fenn Wright Manson do good jersey dresses which are generally wrap and you can smarten up, also Great Plains.

fiorentina Sat 08-Mar-14 14:29:51

Hobbs or Hobbs NW3 have a lot of good smart casual dresses, they've worn well for me and are washable. A few from M&S have washed and worn well. Uniqlo and Jigsaw are also favourites of mine.

PastPerfect Sat 08-Mar-14 15:35:14

I have that whistles dress and I like Hobbs and LK Bennett. I occasionally find decent well priced dresses in M&S which have the advantage of being machine washable

Dappydongle Sat 08-Mar-14 15:46:52

Watching. I like boden

MelanieCheeks Sat 08-Mar-14 15:48:43

Hobbs, LKBennett, Jaegar, and Jigsaw are my fave smart office dresses.

I have slightly more caual wrap style frocks from Next and Great Plains too.

noviceoftheday Sat 08-Mar-14 16:46:18

All of those that have been suggested and I would add Me&Em. I got their cowl neck dress in the sale for £34 and it's an amazing dress, very flattering.

stella69x Sun 09-Mar-14 16:28:49

Thanks for all the ideas, I will be spending a happy evening browsing for bargains grin

Saurus72 Sun 09-Mar-14 16:34:01

I would also say Hobbs. I don't pay full price, but I do stock up in the sale, where dresses are marked down from around £150 to about £70. Definitely not cheap, but good quality, they wash and wash (even when they say dry clean only hmm ), and the fabrics are pretty decent. I bought a summer dress in the Chrustmas sale which is silk, and reduced to only £47. Really looking forward for warm enough weather to wear it.

stringbean Sun 09-Mar-14 16:41:45

Don't want to highjack this thread, but what shoes do you wear with your dresses? I really struggle with this for office-wear in summer. Do you wear tights or not (I always feel a bit under-dressed without them, but in summer?). If so, what colour? I never resolve this problem of shoes with dresses in summer, so end up wearing trousers.

Dappydongle Sun 09-Mar-14 19:40:17

I wear tights and flat boots in winter, bare legs (Johnson holiday skinned) and ballet flats or sandals.

Dappydongle Sun 09-Mar-14 19:41:18

Muted metallic shoes go well with most things in summer, or nude or tan.

fiorentina Mon 10-Mar-14 14:30:21

I wear smart ankle boots or shoeboots and tights in winter, or stillettos. Alternatively I have some pointed flats and pointed tan heeled shoes ready for the summer.

Solaia Mon 10-Mar-14 18:13:55

I love all the many phase eight jersey type dresses with rouched stomach I have purchased so look out for them. Very flattering and comfortable.

If buying new try TK Maxx for bargains on higher end stuff. I have also been impressed with some of the stuff I've picked up in matalan over the years - some fitted cotton/linen shift dresses that still look great now.

Solaia Mon 10-Mar-14 18:14:52

Or is it ruched? I've never written that word down before confused

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