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Getting smells out of clothes - not gross really!

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Sonotkylie Thu 06-Mar-14 12:22:46

I have just bought online a coat (yes its a long cardigan really) from Zara. Its wool and dry clean only. It is also beautiful, a perfect fit and fantastic colour. But it smells very, very strongly (and bizarrely) of germolene. When it came out of the box it was almost eye watering. Now after 3 days hanging up in my bedroom, it is simply strong and would be noticeable to others if I wore it. (My bedroom smells gently of germolene as well!)
I could dry clean it but I resent the expense at this stage. I could return it but I love it. Does anyone have any fantastic tips for getting random smells out of clothes? And has anyone else ever had anything from Zara smelling of germolene?

TulipOHare Thu 06-Mar-14 14:16:27

Can you air it outside?

Sonotkylie Thu 06-Mar-14 15:05:03

Yes, although until I have decided whether to give up and return it or 'do' something, i am being a bit cautious about exposing it to risks ...!
Thank you (and fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow)

TulipOHare Thu 06-Mar-14 16:52:46

I have had new clothes with a whiff of chemicals occasionally. I think they treat them to protect from insects during transit and storage or something confused

Airing should do it, but if it were me, I'd risk it in the machine on a wool cycle unless it is very structured. But then I never dry-clean anything but coats so all my allegedy dry-clean only clothes get machine washed <life on the edge> grin

dippingmytoeinagain Thu 06-Mar-14 18:28:39

Could you return it and request a replacement and see if the new one has the same smell?

Gingefringe Thu 06-Mar-14 18:50:16

Try a bit of fabreze spray on it? I bought a lavender one the other day which smells lovely.

Sonotkylie Thu 06-Mar-14 19:05:34

I'm still dithering! Thanks for the ideas. At the moment ...(that will change in the next hour) I think I will keep it and try airing outside and possibly febreze or similar, with a view to dry cleaning if it doesn't work ... I do love it and want to get on and wear it. There are worse smells than germolene afterall. Perhaps i could market it as the great new fragrance?

NannyK7H Thu 06-Mar-14 19:18:19

Maybe you could try putting it in a drawer or box overnight with some scented tumble dryer sheets? Not sure if it would be powerful enough, but I used to put them in my drawers when the chest of drawers was stored in a very damp room! Stopped the clothes smelling musty. X

vjg13 Thu 06-Mar-14 19:33:13

Have you got a very low heat setting programme on your tumble dryer that you could try with a bounce sheet?

Bought a t shirt recently online that had a really strong moth ball smell which had to be washed straight away.

Deathwatchbeetle Fri 07-Mar-14 13:17:01

I think you should first check if all the same style of coat has that smell (though they may not admit to it), then decide if it is worth keeping or not. You may have to face up to it being there all the time. I got a kaftan with a bit of a pong. Year later after several hundred washes, it stillhas it faintly. What you don't want is something that smell more in the hot weather or the smell appears worse when wet and hung near a radiator.

I vaguely remembering something I wore tht smelt germoleny when it rained. UGH.

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