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Breastfeeding-friendly dress help, please!

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TobyLerone Thu 06-Mar-14 09:36:49

I'm going to a wedding at the end of April.

DD2 will be 3 1/2 months old and we're BFing.

I won't know anyone there except the bride and groom (the groom is DH's best friend since school and DH is best man).

So I need something to wear.

I want sleeves.
Not fussy on the length of the dress. Apparently I have decent legs, so I suppose if I have to play to my strengths it would be them. But I'm always cold, so I'll want to wear tights.
I'm a squishy size 14. DD is 8 weeks now and I'm hoping to be a bit less squishy in a month or so, when I'll be shopping for the outfit.
I'm pale with red hair.

Go nuts grin

TobyLerone Thu 06-Mar-14 09:46:03

Not entirely sure why my stupid phone thinks that 'friendly' is 2 words... hmm

nevergoogle Thu 06-Mar-14 09:50:57

Hmm, it's a tricky one isn't it.

I wear dresses lots and 3rd baby due in April.

Daytime dresses are easier I think.

Weddings, much trickier.

TobyLerone Thu 06-Mar-14 09:55:12

I've basically lived in the MN BFing staple of vest top under long-sleeved top since DD was born. I don't think that's going to cut it!

nevergoogle Thu 06-Mar-14 10:05:43

anything on there?

TobyLerone Thu 06-Mar-14 10:10:32

I love some of those (the heart print one, and the teal Shania one, for example), but how does one BF in a dress? confused

nevergoogle Thu 06-Mar-14 10:12:41

If you go for a jersey wrap style you could wear a vest top underneath and the material should be stretchy enough to pull to the side.

Stokey Thu 06-Mar-14 10:13:07

I went to a couple of weddings while breastfeeding - this site was quite good

Google breastfeeding dresses, quite a few come up.

nevergoogle Thu 06-Mar-14 10:14:10

any others with a lower neck line?
or have it altered to include a lower neck line/buttons?

I have a wedding in August and will have the same problem.

Sunnysummer Thu 06-Mar-14 10:17:44

Isabella Oliver is your friend! There are some specific breastfeeding dresses, unlike lots of the other ones that are maternity/feeding and made me look still pregnant at 3.5 months smile

Or otherwise shirtwaisters or tea dresses can look nice and still be bfing friendly.

And spanx - not usually a huge fan, but in the first few months they are great!

TobyLerone Thu 06-Mar-14 10:19:14

Oh, I'll totally be wearing Spanx!

ILoveWooly Thu 06-Mar-14 10:25:23

My DSis wore THIS to her DD's christening the other week. It was gorgeous on. She wore it with (my!) nude suede courts and clutch.

She has since worn it with a cardi, brown boots and a slouchy bag for a laid back girly lunch too so plenty of use to be had.

TobyLerone Thu 06-Mar-14 10:41:00

That's lovely, Wooly. No sleeves, though sad

I like this, though. There are some lovely things on there -- thanks for pointing me towards it.

TobyLerone Thu 06-Mar-14 10:42:54

I'll look at Isabella Oliver, too. I hate the ones marketed as 'maternity AND breastfeeding dresses'. Like we haven't worn enough maternity clothes!

zippyrainbowbrite Thu 06-Mar-14 10:46:36

I've got some 'feed me mummy' vests which are good for breastfeeding in a normal but low cut or buttoned dress - they have a slit across the middle so you don't have to pull the whole vest up.

Sorry, can't link as on phone, but if you google them the website should come up!

ILoveWooly Thu 06-Mar-14 10:50:55

I only wear dresses with sleeves too.
Babes with Babies and Seraphine are good websites too.

TobyLerone Thu 06-Mar-14 11:31:50

Thanks, all smile

dinkystinky Thu 06-Mar-14 11:35:25

Check out - some lovely bf friendly dresses. I have their magic maxi and its great for special occasions.

TobyLerone Thu 06-Mar-14 11:38:15

Oooh, I love a maxi, despite only being 5'4" and feeling the weight of the MN Maxi Hate whenever I wear one grin

whereisshe Thu 06-Mar-14 11:52:35

The plungy Issa dress is bf friendly.

I'm 5'5 and I love a maxi. I've worn (a very nice Day Birger et Mikkelsen) one to a wedding before. So there grin

TobyLerone Thu 06-Mar-14 11:55:01

That Issa one is gorgeous. Only goes up to a 12 though sad

whereisshe Thu 06-Mar-14 12:01:03

Hmm. That might just be what the outnet has left. Issa do go to 16 in their online store... not cheap at full price though! (And obviously also some princess connotations)

whereisshe Thu 06-Mar-14 12:06:00


whereisshe Thu 06-Mar-14 12:06:46

Oops, forget that, it's not the plungy one.

TobyLerone Thu 06-Mar-14 12:58:04

That green is so beautiful. £300 is pushing it a bit for a dress I'm only going to wear once sad

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