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Help me find some pink shoes...

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MyFirstName Wed 05-Mar-14 23:24:31

Have been through the emotional wringer the last few days and feeling in need of something to brighten me up. To make me smile. Spring is springing up. Blossom is budding. And I have an urge for some pink shoes. Canvas/converse-y type thinks to wear with jeans. Don't mind if bright pink or light. Even moving towards red. Trainers cool too. Just a bit quirky/make you smile sort of shoes.

Any suggestions? Or is it just a bad idea and I should just replace my manky dark blue canvas shoes with something equally dull?

Budget £50 Max.

PearlyGrey Thu 06-Mar-14 08:43:25

Pink converse at JD - £30, £45, £45. Or lots in office including quite a few printed ones in the sale.

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