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boob job but not straight forwad

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madboob Tue 04-Mar-14 20:47:48

ok, I'm mid 30s, have 2 DDs & wont be having any more kids. Figure is not pefect but pretty OK, apart from my boobs. They were never that great but 2 massive weight gains during pregnancy, dabbling with breastfeeding/expressing, losing preg weight & also probably age have made them even more sad looking. They are emptier and just look rubbish, and although I am fairly slim (size 8-10 but definitely not skinny or what you would call petite) I think I would definitely look OK with bigger boobs.

The not straight forward bit is that I have a birthmark on one of my boobs, it is quite extensive and although its been improved to some extent by laser treatment it will never ever look 'normal'. Theres half of me that wants the boob job as in clothes/swimwear I will look & feel better and even naked I would prob rather have big boobs & the birthmark than current smaller boobs & the birthmark. But then I think well boobs not my strong point, leave them alone & focus on the rest of me. I lean towards the former though.

Anyone else had a boob job on boobs that will never look perfect/normal? (yes I know that no boobs are perfect but you know what I mean - hopefully!)

LyndaCartersBigPants Tue 04-Mar-14 20:52:50

A friend suggested I try evening primrose oil to plump mine up a bit. It did appear to help (although the vast quantities of cake may have also helped!)

I know someone who has had a boob job and they have become encapsulated and hard. As someone who gets a lot of pleasure from my boobs (as does DP!) I wouldn't want to mess with them.

If you won't be flashing them about anyway, because you feel self conscious about the birthmark, why not just get some nice padded bras to look your best with clothes on.

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