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Kids Salons (East London/Essex)

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UmmIbraheem Tue 04-Mar-14 15:43:12

My DS 5th birthday is this weekend and we're throwing him his first party - he's so excited. I want to take him to get his haircut for the party in the morning & as an extra treat wanted to take him to one of those specialist kids salons - the type with cars as seats and cartoons to distract them, etc..

Problem is, we live in Wanstead, East London & I can't find any in East London (or West Essex). I was hoping there might be one in Gallions Reach, Romford shopping centres or even in docklands but the nearest one I can find is in north London, but that would be too far to get back to the party on time sad

Does anyone know of any closer?
Thank you in advance

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