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Can I ask a daft Q re oil for cleansing: think I saw it on a Gok Wan prog ages ago!

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JoyceDivision Mon 03-Mar-14 20:32:18

Something to do with looking good on a budget... I'm sure I saw a bit where he said something chirpy like not having to pay for expensive cleansers, but instead put some olive oil on cotton wool, and use it just like normal cleanser, ie just wiping it across your skin, and hey presto! Super duper cheap natural cleanser...

Is this true, surely the oil staying on your skin will clog it up (he definately didn't go on to say anything about removing the oil)

Does it work? Is it really v fab and helps your skin?

amistillsexy Mon 03-Mar-14 20:36:58

Oil is fine to cleanse with- It was good enough for the Romans!

Cleansing with oil dissolves the oil produced by your skin, and takes the dirt away with it, without stripping your skin and leaving it moisturised.

I don't use olive oil, though (don't like smelling like salad grin).

I use a mix of Castor oil and Grapeseed (about 30/70 proportions) with a few drops of essential oils- I use different ones depending on how I feel and what my skin needs, but rose is my favourite.

plasticbanana Mon 03-Mar-14 20:38:57

Massage the oil in with your fingers. Soak a flannel in water as hot as you can bear. Squeeze out the water. Gently massage the flannel over your face, removing the oil. Lovely. It's called the Oil Cleansing Method or OCM. It's brilliant for removing makeup.

amistillsexy Mon 03-Mar-14 20:40:11

Oh, I do wash it off though-don't know why Gok didn't tell you to wash it off!

I use very hot water and a normal face cloth (flannel), but some people use muslin cloths, which are less abrasive I believe.

The only thing to watch is that the cloth/flannel is washed at a hot temperature, as after a while the oil will clog the cloth and start to smell, and hot temps will help wash the oil out better.

working3jobs Mon 03-Mar-14 20:42:44

almond oil is lovely too, I use a hot flannel afterwards too

JoyceDivision Mon 03-Mar-14 21:44:40

thanks for replies

I triedthe OCM but it didn't agree with my skin, it caused loads of titny pimples or bumps to flare up under my skin, which i was really annoyed about as I really wanted the glowing skin everyone raves about!

So it can be used as a straightforward cleanser but it needs to be washed off after?

Might give it another go...

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