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flat show style help!

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sweetheart Mon 03-Mar-14 13:20:10

I injured my ankle pretty badly last week so now I can't wear heals for probably the next month - 6 weeks. I pretty much own 1 pair of flat shoes which are converse type shoes and I have no idea what to wear for the next month (especially to work).

All my work trousers are the right length for heals so wearing them with flats looks stupid - and will ruin the bottoms.

I have some ballet pumps but it's bloody freezing to wear those - plus my ankle currently looks like an elephant that's been beaten black and blue (not a good look!!!)

Can anyone give me some inspiration of things I can wear that will keep me comfortable / keep me warm / keep me looking half decent.......?

sweetheart Mon 03-Mar-14 13:24:29

show????? should be SHOE!!!!

MelanieCheeks Mon 03-Mar-14 13:42:43

Yes I wondered if this was going to be " what should I wear when I'm showing my flat to prospective buyers....."

Sorry about your ankle - hope it gets better soon.

I've always said, whoever can invent a trouser that can have its length altered depending on what shoes you're wearing would make a fortune on Dragons Den.

Can you get one pair of trousers taken up, but retain the hem so they could be let back down again?

Or are you planning to just wear skirts and dresses for a while? How formal is your work attire - would leggings and a tunic be too casual?

sweetheart Mon 03-Mar-14 13:54:46

ha ha - we are currentyl selling our house - perhaps i should start a threat about that!!!

Leggings would be ok at work - just no jeans. But I have to say I really hate the leggings without socks look - so need to get around that somehow.

I could possibly get some trousers taken up.....not sure how they'd look - I have the curse of having a pear shaped body, hence the reason I usually live in heals!

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