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Organic/Natural shampoo for long and tangle prone hair

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SellyMevs Mon 03-Mar-14 12:26:44


I have very long hair which can be frizzy. I started using organic shampoos/conditioners as I have sensitive skin and shampoos with SLS/parabens would lead to a red spotty rash over my shoulders and torso. Since switching my skin has been miles better. However my hair is permanently tangled, particularly after showering.

I started off with Yes to Carrots. This made my hair lovely and smooth, but it would take 15 mins to detangle my hair after washing. I now use Green People Vitamin shampoo and it's a bit better, but still a challenge. I always brush my hair before showering so it is tangle free, I leave the conditioner in for a few minutes. Once dry it is more manageable.

Does anyone has any suggestions for what I could use to help?!


Naicecuppatea Mon 03-Mar-14 13:52:09

The Faith in Nature conditioners are really good for me for detangling. One thing that might help is when you shampoo your hair, don't focus on lathering up the hair so much. It is usually your scalp that needs washing more, especially if you don't use any hair products. Also, I find that putting conditioner on the length of my wet hair before shampooing my scalp helps, then you can rinse the shampoo out and condition again.

Hope that makes sense!

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