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right i havent bought any clothes really since 2006, got married had kids been breast feeding etc, where do i start?shall i start with say three outfits

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diamondlizard Mon 03-Mar-14 10:29:06

ive had the odd thing here and there but really since getting married ive been pregnant or breastfeeding etc
im alomost finished breast feeding my last aimimgh to keep going for one more month, so starting to plan ahead

i virtually need everything new

my pjs are maternity and not flattering

my swimsuits were all mishappen and streched[this is one thing ive replaced]

my underwear doest fit well

i have no jumpers !

dont really know where to start
dont have loads of money

so does starting with two or three nice outfits spound a good idea?

diamondlizard Mon 03-Mar-14 10:32:05

i have decent boots
and a pair of jeggings

need some new trainers

and a pair jeans

and definatly a jumper

FauxFox Mon 03-Mar-14 10:39:38

You don't have to spend a lot, I would get:
1. some jeans that fit well (try Dotty P/New Look/H&M and try on loads tip you get the ons that fit you right) get a blue pair and a black/colour say £25 each
2. go to primark for a selection of T-shirts and vest tops (stick to plain colours/stripes no tacky slogans/images) get black, navy, white and other fav colours about £3 each
3. Go to TK maxx and scout the jumpers/cardis/knitwear/jackets Try and get a jumper or cardi that is fairly neutral in colour and relatively easy to wash (not dry-clean only!). A biker/bomber jacket would also be great and possibly a cosy hoodie.
4. Shoes. Primark do converse-a-likes in loads of colours for £6 and you need some ankle boots too, try New Look for them.
5. Accessories - scarves/bag/sunglasses/bangles - get thee to some charity/vintage shops for some unique bargains.

You won't do all this in one day but if you can get a child free couple of hours to tackle the jeans/underwear the rest should be fairly painless to pick up here and there. Good Luck!

Debs75 Mon 03-Mar-14 10:44:43

Once you finish breastfeeding go and get yourself measured and get a decent bra. It will make you feel so much better and more comfortable in a decent bra.
Then depending on money new pants to match. Some comfy or sexy nightwear. I always go with comfy as the sexy ones are ripped off anyway.

A couple of nice outfits that you can interchange would be an idea, so a cardigan that goes with trousers, jeans, skirts, leggings. Some longer tops to cover tum and bum (or that might just be me) Nice comfortable shoes. I live in trainers and I hate it as they never look smart and when I wear smart shoes they hurt.

Do you have a shop you really like? It might help to look online and see what they have before you end up traipsing around a hundred shops

JeanSeberg Mon 03-Mar-14 10:46:15

Get a free style advice session at John Lewis:

Then follow their advice in a cheaper store (eg H&M).

Peanutsandwine Mon 03-Mar-14 10:56:16

Visit this website as it's fab for ideas you can do for not much via the high street or supermarkets:

There's also a shop to buy lovely (cheap) tops and jewellery, etc.

whereisshe Mon 03-Mar-14 11:01:47

If you don't have a big budget and you won't have the money to replace clothes constantly, I recommend staying away from cheaper shops like primark. Their clothes literally fall apart when you wash them sometimes - it's false economy. Read up about how well things wash and wear, eg jeans made of cheap denim often become misshapen easily (on the other hand there are cheap gems that go forever - you need to research if you're on a tight budget).

Using a personal shopper in a few department stores like John Lewis is a good idea - they're free and no obligation to buy. You can use it for research to get a good capsule wardrobe of basics buying list. It will probably include things like one or two really flattering pairs of jeans, a versatile coat etc.

This might also help re ideas (I don't agree with her 100%, she goes for a certain "look" that isn't for everyone and demands a very slim figure but it's useful as a starting point particularly around neutral colours, basic shapes etc). Pinterest is also good for putting together a look book of things you like...

Then go for "quality on sale" - for your basics you want really good quality fabric and construction, but marked down. Unfortunately you've missed the big jan sales but there are always sales on so don't rush and keep your eye out for bargains. Joining the mailing lists of shops helps.

M&S for high waisted skinnies - mid blue if you're only getting one pair. They wash well and hold their shape pretty well when wearing, though you may need to belt them.

A pair of leather Converse - look nicer than trainers but last better than canvas ones. These will seem expensive, but I think that cheap shoes are usually a false economy tbh.

Gap had a few half decent looking cotton and wool jumpers in their sale last week, I noticed. At a higher price, Cos have some lovely knitwear but you'd need to go and try on.

H&M for long vests to wear under jumpers (since most jumpers seem to be v short right now).

Oh and I agree that buying fewer items but better quality will work better in the long run - you can buy cheap scarves and necklaces to vary things.

FauxFox Mon 03-Mar-14 11:18:40

I don't believe in investment dressing for SAHM lifestyle. Primark Ts last a season and ££ Tshirts have never fitted or kept their shape half as well. Jeans still go through at the knees from kneeling all the time whether they are £25 or £250 and you will care far less if your jumper gets covered in weetabix/puke/paint if it is machine washable instead of hand wash cashmere. You can definitely be stylish, comfy and look fabulous without spending a lot. Boots are the exception I think, spend as much as you can on them (and havaianas flip flops last forever and are way comfier than cheap ones so are worth it too). Re: leather converse, yes they will last longer but at £55 you could get nine pairs of budget ones and frankly i'd rather have a fresh pair every six months.

Don't bother with any necklaces/earrings, baby will just pull them. Scarves/bracelets are better.

bronya Mon 03-Mar-14 11:28:30

Charity shops in well off areas often have amazing, hardly been worn bargains!

I have fresh insoles in my leather Converse. smile I hate the idea of shoes only lasting a couple of months, when waste is such a massive environmental concern tbh.

charitygirl Mon 03-Mar-14 11:36:55

I just can't get on board with buying loads of blah t shrts and neutral knitwear simply so you've got an 'acceptable' volume of clothes. To avoid ending up looking at your wardrobe and saying 'I hate all of this', buy fewer (not nec. more expensive) things you really love - maybe shirts are better for you than tees, or vest plus cardis?

One scarf that makes you feel great is a better buy than three t shirts you don't care about, even if, for now, you're wearing it over a top you've been wearing since 2005.

FauxFox Mon 03-Mar-14 11:44:57

But charity surely the whole point of neutrals is that you can wear them easily and add a scarf that makes you feel great? And if you don't have an 'acceptable' volume of clothes (by which I mean about a week's worth) do you have to put a wash on every night confused

LordPalmerston Mon 03-Mar-14 11:45:50

when i had three kids under 4 i wore an unacceptable amount of fleece and long sleeved t shirts

stylish I wasnt.

PLus SO many holes in jeans from being on the floor all the time

It passes

whereisshe Mon 03-Mar-14 11:51:15

Forgot to say - check the washing instructions when you buy! If you can chuck everything in the machine at 40 it's a lot easier than a mix.

And as others have pointed out, quality and price aren't correlated - you can get expensive shite and cheap good quality; you need to know what quality feels/looks like.

godlessdomestic Mon 03-Mar-14 12:10:48

Definitely second the recommendation for Avenue 57. You can see everyday looks and see where the clothes are from. I love her shop too and have quite a few bits from there.


V good advice re washing instructions. smile

LordPalmerston Mon 03-Mar-14 13:03:20

ladies on avenue 57 need to find a book to read imo

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Mon 03-Mar-14 13:27:44

How much money are we talking about? £100 max or more like £300? Not much money but an aspiration of 3 outfits would mean perhaps £150 for me. Say, jeans, a pair of shoes, 3 tops, 1 or 2 cardigans/jumpers, underwear - actually, I'd be lucky to get all that for £150. I'm a size 30GG, so bras mean Bravissimo and one underwear set there usually costs about £45, grr.

Oh, OP, what sort of things do you wear? And are you a SAHM just now, or do you work? If you work, is it officewear you'd need or would it be something more casual?

Gap has some beautiful stuff right now and it's not too expensive. I went in last week and was blown away by the beautiful colours - but sadly am pg right now and the maternity wear is sludgy or black, grr.

I did a personal shopping session in Topshop in October, which was brilliant. I wound up spending £400, mind, but when I phoned to book, they asked me my budget and I said about £200 and they were fine with that. Spent 4 hours there and must have tried on nearly everything in the shop! Came away with 1 pair jeans (black skinnies), 1 x black ankle boots, 3 x dresses, 1 x fancy top, 1 x cropped grey jersey, 1 x necklace, 2 x plain long-sleeved tops, 2 x silky camisoles and a red tartan pencil skirt. Plus, you get a special fancy changing room, prosecco on tap, little chocolate muffins and bottled water, and the assistant will have laid out a variety of outfits and will go fetch you more stuff depending on what you like/what suits you as you try them on. The actual appointment is free - they bank on the fact that you would be too embarassed to leave without buying anything after they are so nice to you. I would recommend it to anyone - take a friend, perhaps, and then you won't feel quite so obliged to buy heaps.

diamondlizard Mon 03-Mar-14 13:48:30

id say 3/400pounds
maybe a tiny bit more

im sahm atm

sweetheart Mon 03-Mar-14 14:08:02

Can you get yourself to an outlet shopping place? They often have stores where you can get better quality clothing at a lower price.

How old are you and what size/shape? Are there any particular shops/styles you like?

M&S jeans Ignore that they are called jeggings - they are just skinnies. Excellent value and hard wearing in the denim; less so in the coloured ones.

Plain, basic jumpers in lots of colours They come in a round neck version too.

Couple of pairs of jeans and jumpers, then maybe H&M or TK Maxx for a few scarves? I know it's not exciting, but it's a start!

diamondlizard Mon 03-Mar-14 14:53:30

i could get to biscester but i find that type of outlet shopping hardwork

im 36 size 10/12

id rather go for qualitity and what i really like as i do have things i can wear even if i dont really like them as such

so i want to pick things i really likke even if i onpy get two outfits

im always washing so thats no bother

Peanutsandwine Mon 03-Mar-14 16:26:51

LordPalmerston I read books too thank you. Long ones with lots and lots of words in them biscuit

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