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Becca or Shu Uemura primer? or something different altogether?

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SuperDuperJezebel Sun 02-Mar-14 21:44:37

I've had professional makeup done a couple of times lately and been recommended the Shu uemura primer by one make up lady, and the Becca primer for the other. Any opinions on which one is best? Or if theres something else I could try instead that would make me look super gorgeous at all times? I have tried the Barbara Daly one and it was okay but I didnt love it, and am currently using up the last of a bare minerals one which is okay-ish too. My skin is pale and prone to pinky red-ness esp around the nose, with large-ish pores, and is combination/dry/oily depending on which bit of my face you're looking at! Is there any help or am I beyond repair?!

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