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Swimwear help needed

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TessTing Sun 02-Mar-14 16:06:23

So its been a very long time since I wore a cosie but am going to need one soon. Anyone have any suggestions what might look OK on a size 18 figure?

duvetheaven Sun 02-Mar-14 18:33:59

I bought a nice black one (new) from an ebay shop made by Panache. It is underwired which is important for me lol.

duvetheaven Sun 02-Mar-14 18:35:33

The shop is called the-body-beautiful.

lurkingaround Sun 02-Mar-14 19:14:55

No specific suggestions but keep an eye on Figleaves. They often do discounts or sales, and have a good range.

lurkingaround Sun 02-Mar-14 19:16:21

Have you a budget/colour etc?

beanandspud Sun 02-Mar-14 19:35:44

Depending on what shape you are I would suggest buying by bra-size rather than dress size, especially if you are a little larger of nork.

Figleaves are good, Bravissimo often have nice swimwear and M&S have a much better selection online than in store if you can battle their new website

Buy lots online and try at home rather than shops with nasty changing rooms.

TessTing Sun 02-Mar-14 19:45:31

Thanks for the replies. I love the Figleaves ones. Afraid that I need to look for shapewear to hold it all together and I am a 38F which could do with some support too. Budget is probably less than £45 as I am unlikely to wear it again, at least for this year.

lurkingaround Sun 02-Mar-14 20:40:03

Have you seen the Figleaves shaping swimwear page? There's a good few under £50. Any preference re shape colour etc?

AuditAngel Sun 02-Mar-14 20:53:08

I bought 2 bikinis from Curvissa late last year. I'm a generous size 20 but I still want a 2 piece for holidays.

I would say the according to their size chart I needed a size 24, I ordered by usual 20 and the pants are a touch snugged than I like. The cup sizes seem right though, I really wanted one style and they didn't have the correct size so I risked going up one and I shouldn't have.

TessTing Mon 03-Mar-14 10:41:23

I like a few from Figleaves and from Curvissa but unsure which will look ok with my very "apple" shape.

Figleaves: colour ink{\]]k}

Figleaves: top ink{\]]s}

Or just a plain black or blue shapewear swimsuit with broad shoulder straps and some rouching (sp?) over the front for extra shape.

Guess the problem really is what will look good on my body shape rather than what great choices of swimming costumes are available.

TessTing Mon 03-Mar-14 10:44:09

Oops! Sorry, will try those links again:

And this one in either colour:

lurkingaround Mon 03-Mar-14 11:37:51

Both your links are lovely. AFAIK Figleaves do free delivery and returns on full priced items so you could order a few, try on and return.

I prefer a bit of colour on a swimsuit to plain (esp) black.

I also like:
this with a nice v-neck and pretty colour, like it alot,
this navy with detail one, and
black and white one,
this colour block one, and
this over budget grey and black one.

Not 100% sure how they would work on an apple but worth a look.

TessTing Mon 03-Mar-14 11:46:18

Thanks Lurking. The colour block one is lovely and one I would buy if I were a size smaller. I'm feeling a bit body-conscious just now so trying for a flattering shape but kind of low-key without being too predictable and going for a shape-shifting black bodycon style. Not asking for much really. confused grin

lurkingaround Mon 03-Mar-14 11:58:37

If you are going away on a sun holiday, I would really go for what you like. While I know you will notice your size and shape, no one else will. Everything looks different in the sunshine. The colour-block one is way nicer than a palin black one. Probably less noticeable on hols too. Plain black in the heat always looks too hot. And I certainly wouldn't let just one size put you off. Give it a go.

lurkingaround Mon 03-Mar-14 12:01:36

I just noticed the Violet colour-way on the colour block swimsuit is only �16.50. Not quite as nice as the other colour-way, but not bad!

TessTing Mon 03-Mar-14 14:08:48

Not sure about that one either. Think the mid-rift colour is a bit off and doesn't really go with the rest. Sadly not a hot sunshine sort of situation, more of a UK mini-break with friends in an intimate setting and likely to be rainy-outdoors sort of break. Usually, sunshine hols work out OK as I tend to just lay down and then use wraps when walking around.

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