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Nursing bra and bra intervention

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Bluesandgreen Sun 02-Mar-14 15:14:28

Would anyone be able to give me some advice on nursing bras please?

I used to wear a 34C/D prior to pregnancy and went up to 34DD/E at the end. I've now got a selection of uncomfortable nursing bras which don't seem to fit at all well and find the most comfortable thing has been a couple of sleep bras designed for any cup size from A to E in a 10. However they still aren't great and unsurprisingly not very supportive.
I've read some of the bra intervention threads and my measurements are 31-32 depending on whether I want to breathe or not and 43. My milk is in now and I think my size is settling down though still early days but I'm not sure I can manage for much longer without at least 1 bra that fits a bit better!

Can anyone suggest what sizes to look at please? I'm in a town with not much in the way of shops and will have to order online I think.

Your poor norks! You were probably not in the right size before or during I would guess.

Based on your measurements I would start by trying a 32H and work from there. As you are ordering online, you might be as well going with somewhere like brastop that does free returns and ordering a few sizes - I'd suggest 30HH, 30J, 32HH and 32H as a start point.

Something else to bear in mind if you find nursing bras to be a pile of shit not very supportive is that so long as you are very careful about the fit (mainly about ensuring the wire never ever rests on breast tissue) then it is safe to wear underwires when feeding and you can but converter kids very cheaply on ebay. This might be a more long term option depending on how long you plan to feed for.

Bluesandgreen Sun 02-Mar-14 16:14:39

Thanks! I will try those. Great idea about the converter kit too. Not a fan of non underwired bras and it would give me more options.


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