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Handbags, bought two, can only keep one....but which one?

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CointreauVersial Sun 02-Mar-14 00:05:04

This blue one from M&S.

Or this taupe one from John Lewis.

I like them both, although they are quite different. I like a reasonably big bag, but need a cross body strap. I want something which works in the summer......I'm leaning towards the JL one but it might be too big. I'd like a blue bag, but the M&S one is quite a dark blue, not summery....Help....any opinions?

cece Sun 02-Mar-14 00:09:40

I like the shape and colour of JL one best.

Chloerose75 Sun 02-Mar-14 01:56:51

I prefer the JL too but m&s not bad either

MrsBranestawm Sun 02-Mar-14 02:11:12

The JL one.
More summery.
Looks a better quality than the M&S one from the pictures (though it is hard to tell from pictures).
Also £10 cheaper!

Onepactupac Sun 02-Mar-14 03:27:14

JL, definitely. Navy is so difficult to wear if you've got any black in your wardrobe. Taupe goes with everything. Plus, M&S quality is no way worth £99.

verytellytubby Sun 02-Mar-14 05:52:20

Prefer the John Lewis one.

Chottie Sun 02-Mar-14 06:08:30

JL - far more versatile and definitely a summer bag as well. It would look good for work / weekends / holidays.

Sparklysilversequins Sun 02-Mar-14 06:25:04

The JL one. The other one reminds me of a picnic bag.

bettykt Sun 02-Mar-14 06:38:40

The JL one, looks a lot more expensive than it is, a good colour you can use it with many other colours in your wardrobe and it looks nice and roomy too.

bunnymother Sun 02-Mar-14 07:22:31

Another vote for the John Lewis one.

cloudskitchen Sun 02-Mar-14 07:24:20

I like them both as in my wardrobe would do completely different jobs. However as you have to pick one I would also go with the John Lewis.

NUFC69 Sun 02-Mar-14 07:36:30

"CV*, I like both of them, too - horses for courses, I guess. However I would say that I had a tan M&S bag and the leather didn't last well.

LordPalmerston Sun 02-Mar-14 07:42:30

The Taupe one is a bad color

LordPalmerston Sun 02-Mar-14 07:43:54

Do hobos even have bags?

buttercrumble Sun 02-Mar-14 07:58:44

The JL one , don't like the shape of the other .

ShyGirlie Sun 02-Mar-14 08:00:56

JL. dont lile m and s one at all.

Crutchlow35 Sun 02-Mar-14 08:50:00

Jl one.

AndTwoBits Sun 02-Mar-14 09:09:28

The taupe hobo is fab!

bigTillyMint Sun 02-Mar-14 09:14:36

Love the JL one. Can't see the M&S one!

CeeceeBloomingdale Sun 02-Mar-14 10:23:01

Taupe, definitely

CointreauVersial Sun 02-Mar-14 14:06:28

M&S it is, then.......only joking.grin

DH said, "told you the JL one was nicer", and now you've proved him right.

Thanks all for your input!

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