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House of Colour - thought I was a Spring, turns out I am a Burnished Winter! Any others out there?

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roseinwinter Sat 01-Mar-14 22:00:57

I had a colour consultation today and am feeling a bit confused! I have mousy brown hair and hazel eyes and was sure I suited peaches, corals, camel, etc but it turns out I am something called a "burnished winter". Are there any others out there? I'm not entirely sure what this means.
Oh well, at least I get to keep all the black!

mrsfox Sat 01-Mar-14 22:31:39

Me! I have brown eyes and mousey hair, pale skin and was expecting to be an autumn but like you am a burnished winter. My consultant said that the autumn colours were all too blendy with my colouring whereas the jewel colours made more of contrast. I am not complaining though - love the winter colours and I can keep all the black. Not so sure about the bright purple lipstick! Do you need to buy a whole new wardrobe now?

BingoWingsBeGone Sat 01-Mar-14 22:34:05

Not a burnished winter, but my consultant had a really long drawn out decision between 'sultry winter' (which she settled on) and 'blue Autumn'. I guess there might be quite a lot of crossover for a fair few people

Meganhunt Sat 01-Mar-14 23:04:28

Same here! Mousy hair and grey/blue eyes. I was diagnosed a Blue Autumn last year but went for a rerate and I'm a sultry winter. Much happier with the winter colours! As pp said there does seem to be some cross over between a dark autumn and winter.

QueenCadbury Sun 02-Mar-14 06:44:16

Come and join us on the winter thread

lougle Sun 02-Mar-14 07:38:39

Isn't it strange? I have brown hair (used to think it was mousey, but it is perhaps darker than that?) hazel/green eyes and pale skin. My consultant spent quite a while deciding if I was warm or cool and I came out as 'warm but only just', and a soft blue Autumn.

It just shows why we have so much trouble using the internet tests.

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