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I need a bra intervention

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Fattyfattyyumyum Sat 01-Mar-14 20:17:44

Having seen so many threads I finally got round to measuring & could so with some advice...

Measured with a semi-solid DIY tape measure so probably not the best, but:

34" round bottom of bra (or maybe 33 if it's supposed to be pulled tight).
39" round fullest part.

For years I wore 36A/B styles. A couple of years ago a friend fitted me in a 32D but I've had a baby & put on weight since then. Can't find anything comfy at the moment (been trying 34D/DD

Thanks in advance

DrewsWife Sat 01-Mar-14 20:29:37

Don't measure. Bra manufacturers all measure differently. I go to bravissimo since my independent bra lady retired.

I have been to shops that measure and they all measure me at 36 back I'm a 34GG I now leave shops that measure me. If I see a tape measure I walk out.

SorrelForbes Sat 01-Mar-14 20:36:26

Measuring according to the MN way, gives a starting point which is really helpful for those who have been measured at M&S, La Senza etc.

Bravissimo is the best place to go but there aren't that many branches. For example, I live in the SW and the nearest to me is Reading, a three hour drive away.

Fattyfattyyumyum It is supposed to be pulled tight, so try a 32F/E and a 34DD/E. I suspect that 32F will be the better fit in most brands.
If you put your 34 on back to front, how far away from your body can you pull the band? Wearing it the right way round, if you scoop, is there overspill?

For context, I used to wear a 34DD, I am actually a 30GG.

treaclesoda Sat 01-Mar-14 20:38:49

if you don't have a soft measuring tape could you try wrapping a piece of string/wool/ribbon round you and measuring that instead? Might give a more accurate reading than a diy tape.

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