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Please can someone dress me!

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WholeNutt Sat 01-Mar-14 18:49:33

I've gained a stone over the past few months due to surgery and not being able to exercise or tape up my mouth

I am living in sweaty Betty yoga pants at the moment as I feel so fat. I will be back to gentle exercise as of next week but really need help to dress myself during the fat/not so fat stage.

I can't face jeans as I'm an apple shape, more cooking apple than pink lady and the tops of my inner thighs are touching ffs! I'm 5'8 no waist very short body, fat arms but decent arse and legs (past mid thigh)

Need casual but stylish, I'm mid 30's and sick of feeling like I belong in a shell suit.

Please can someone suggest some outfits?

WholeNutt Sat 01-Mar-14 19:06:39

Should add I'm a size 14 if that helps.

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