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Bra intervention please

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intheround Sat 01-Mar-14 15:58:30

Ok I have my size sorted. 34e or 34f. I'm having problem with styles. The only ones which really work for me are Debenhams Gorgeous range but they are a bit dull.
I have wide rooted low set boobs which are basically droopy and very sociable nipples so I need something with a bit of padding.
Any ideas?

Wide rooted generally work with Freya/Fantasie and Curvy Kate. If your breasts are very shallow you might also like tutti rouge.

Freya Deco is a basic moulded t shirt bra which is very popular and a great bra if it matches up with your shape. Comes in loads of versions/colours (Taylor, Hattie, Deco honey etc are all the same bra - if it's a moulded freya it's a deco!). They also do some padded half cups, and for a more luxurious version you could try their sister brand Fauve. Good deals on Fauve on leia lingerie and brastop

Curvy kate do lots of wide rood friendly bras - and lots of moulded and padded ones. Daily boost, Carmen, Smoothie, Elegance, Tempt me, tease me, fleurty, entice, ritzy, wild are all padded or moulded names off the top of my head and there are plenty more

Bravissimo own brand - purity and their padded half cups

intheround Sat 01-Mar-14 17:04:17

Thanks for the ideas. I tried the freya totally tartan half cup but the shape didn't work. I found the underwire too narrow and if i went up a cup size it just gaped at the top.

Definitely try Curvy Kate then, they're wider than Freya IME

intheround Sat 01-Mar-14 17:20:25

Ok thanks

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