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Need a swimming costume!

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Indith Sat 01-Mar-14 15:04:27

old one is all thin and shapeless and see through.

I want shorts for spider avoidance and tankini top as nobody needs to see my stomach. ever.

Size 8.

tried one on in bhs, all they had were moulded or under wired and apparently if you are a size 8 you have the bust of a prepubescent girl. I am a 30 d to e or 28f depending on brand.

and ideas? looked on figleaves and bravissimo and fainted at the thought of spending £40 on the top alone when I'll only wear it a handful of times a year.

ilovepowerhoop Sat 01-Mar-14 15:11:59


Queenofknickers Sat 01-Mar-14 15:22:00

E bay? People often seem to sell bravissimo stuff that they haven't worn

Indith Sat 01-Mar-14 17:04:55

Not thought of ebay.

debenhams.... hmm perhaps. I fear this is going to have to be a proper shopping trip to a place with actual shops rather than my local City Centre which has a wide variety of excellent independent cafes but little in the way of clothes shops.

Glitterfeet Sat 01-Mar-14 17:19:37

I find the Maine new England tankini from Debenhams really comfortable and wears well. I have a long body and find that they done ride up.

Pheonixisrising Sat 01-Mar-14 20:31:26

Try the figleaves site , vary in price and loads of choice

CMOTDibbler Sat 01-Mar-14 20:33:33

I have boyleg swimming costumes from Sports Direct at the massive cost of £9.99 grin I'm a 30ff, and though I wouldn't go running round in it, my norks are certainly contained

Neeko Sat 01-Mar-14 20:35:35

Boux avenue?

Indith Sat 01-Mar-14 20:42:06

£9.99 is the sort of price I can deal with grin .

Indith Sat 01-Mar-14 21:14:44

Have ordered 2 from sports direct. One for £9.99 a slazenger proper swimming costume tankini with shorts thing. Plus one nicer beach job since we are going on holiday this summer, in the sale at stupidly low price. Cant remmebr what it is called now. Oh well. Hope it fits! All savings cancelled out by my ending up picking up rugby kit for the boy because it will save paying for postage twice <sigh>.

ygritte Sat 01-Mar-14 21:15:30

ASOS.....just bought as bikini in the sale for 20 quid.32dd.check the outlet bit.

WannaSplitAPineapple Sun 02-Mar-14 01:38:37

Try tk maxx, I got a speedo one in there that's about £50 on bravissimo for £13! I've been struggling to find a flattering swimming costume for years as most just flatten my boobs and look awful. This actually gives me shape.

Bunbaker Sun 02-Mar-14 12:25:47

Debenhams has a really good selection of swimwear right now.

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