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Impulse purchases you regret..

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flippinada Sat 01-Mar-14 13:32:12

I had my eyebrows threaded today in Superdrug as there was a special offer on and I thought (on impulse) why not try it. Bad move..

Now it's not the end of the world as they will grow back, but needless to say I will not be repeating the experience!

Would anyone else like to share comfortingtales of daft impulsive purchases?

EugeneKrabs Sat 01-Mar-14 13:34:09

Usain Bolt's running spikes.


Sort of fun. Sort of stupid. Drunk charity auction doo purchase. To be fair, we have lots of those.

flippinada Sat 01-Mar-14 13:41:33

I didn't even know such a thing existed!

What on earth do they do (apart from make money for Usain Bolt, (presumably)?

TulipOHare Sat 01-Mar-14 14:27:32

Zatchels bag, bought last spring when they did 50% off. It's just so hard and stiff and I never use it. Much prefer soft leather bags.

bunnymother Sat 01-Mar-14 14:37:09

Alannah Hill silk cami. Shapeless and the colour looks awful on me. Was a £££ mistake while trying to find my way, style wise, post DC1.

Ruprekt Sat 01-Mar-14 14:41:23


Don't really like juice esp as I now low carb.

flippinada Sat 01-Mar-14 14:53:57

I do sympathise with the juicer purchase. I bought one last year and now it sits unloved in a cupboard.

sunshinemmum Sat 01-Mar-14 14:56:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IHaveSeenMyHat Sat 01-Mar-14 15:02:56

OP, I think Eugene bought a pair of Usain Bolt's ACTUAL running spikes grin

I reckon I've regretted so many impulse purchases I've blocked them out. Mainly clothes and mainly sale items. I love a bargain and sometimes forget to think about whether I actually like the garment.

enormouse Sat 01-Mar-14 15:07:51

A baby oleg meerkat on eBay for DS(2). I bid on it thinking someone else would outbid me. (I.e. someone out there must be more insane than me).

Now I own a ridiculous could-have-gotten-it-for-free furball. Still DS loves it and treats it as his own baby.

enormouse Sat 01-Mar-14 15:08:42

tulips I love zatchels bags, what kind is it?

flippinada Sat 01-Mar-14 15:16:57

Ok, the actual running spikes. that makes more sense than what I thought!

Sukebind Sat 01-Mar-14 15:17:13

Some horrible pink high heels from TX Maxx about 10 years ago - they sat in the wardrobe till we moved and I gave them to the charity shop. As soon as I bought them I realised they were a mistake, really.
Also a pink plastic snake-skin corset-style bodice thing from New Look back in the later nineties. Never wore it.
I am very glad I never bought some of those enormous jeans (as worn by Avril Lavigne and teenagers with Slipknot hoodies) I once tried on in Topshop. They made my waist look very small, so tempting...but fortunately my brain returned before I could buy them. blush

AmIatwat Sat 01-Mar-14 15:18:08

A banjo at a jazz festival, because I thought as I can play the guitar it would be easy. Big expensive mistake.

SecretSquirrel13 Sat 01-Mar-14 15:22:25

There are many but most of them have been ebayed or charity shopped in the last few years since becoming better at s&b.
Most memorable us a grey leather jacket from all saints worn once and sat in the wardrobe as can't bear to sell it for virtually nothing.
I also have a lovely black jersey tuxedo blazer still with labels on and some muttony navy camo jeans.
Oh and a pair of buttery soft unworn black leather platform ankle boots from maxmara.
I think I should stop now...

Felix90 Sat 01-Mar-14 15:26:26

Viv Westwood black chancery heart bag. It's cute but so impractical and was very expensive to say it's not leather shock keep listing it on ebay then DP talks me out of selling it saying ill use it on 'special occasions' which don't exist. No chance now I've got a sack full of baby paraphernalia to cart around with me.

SecretSquirrel13 Sat 01-Mar-14 15:29:13

Felix it's cute and good for weddings and formal events. Plus you won't have to lug the baby bag around forever.

HelloBoys Sat 01-Mar-14 15:29:48

where do I start?!

Got a lovely mid (but pale) blue bag whilst on holiday in Formantera - got a grease stain on bottom (you can see it) - tried everything to get rid of it but it spoils it.

Caramel/Tan coloured Whistles jumper - creases immediately it's on/off.

Black Whistles tube skirt - it tends to ride up so can only wear opaque tights with it.

HelloBoys Sat 01-Mar-14 15:31:23

Nude Jigsaw cami (skin coloured) it's nice in itself but has a LOT of lace detail (almost too much) round the neckline, I know you're supposed to see that detail but I feel it's too much like proper underwear/lingerie and therefore shouldn't be seen. confused

SecretSquirrel13 Sat 01-Mar-14 15:33:13

HelloBoys I've just realised that once I started listing stuff on this thread I couldn't stop! Can think of around 20 items still with labels or never used. And that's after my wardrobe purge!!!

cloutiedumpling Sat 01-Mar-14 15:36:36

Biba belt bought on e bay. It has a lovely golden buckle. It is also a bright coral colour which would look good on someone with golden colouring.

MarshaBrady Sat 01-Mar-14 15:37:48

Toast flats. Luckily they were only £12 reduced from £89. Will be used in the home.

flippinada Sat 01-Mar-14 15:40:07

I've just remembered another one. Having the colour stripped out of my hair so I could have it dyed bright copper red (my natural colour is brown). Cost a fortune.

It looked amazing for about two weeks, then faded to a horrible brassy orangey colour. The roots looked AWFUL. Never again.

WestmorlandSausage Sat 01-Mar-14 15:41:32

Goat Yoghurt

Bunbaker Sat 01-Mar-14 15:42:32

A black jacket from BHS last year. It was reduced, but designed for a more curvy figure. The darts hung emptily over my more boyish figure and the jacket just looked far too big so I donated it to charity.

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