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Oh dear hod help me. Wedding. Clueless. Actually really no idea at all.

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AtYourCervix Sat 01-Mar-14 09:29:28

Wedding next weekend. Family do so not massively over posh But more than jeans posh.

I am completely clueless And about to take DD2 to try to find something. Which means I'll get about 10 minutes in debenhams and 5 in new look and maybe m & s if I'm lucky.

Oh. And I'm very large and don't wear heels or skirts.

Please hrlp!

PasswordProtected Sat 01-Mar-14 09:36:15

Wide-legged trousers in a plain colour with a stunning tunic top & one of these statement necklaces that are so popular?
Pashmina or stole.

AtYourCervix Sat 01-Mar-14 09:42:00



tethersend Sat 01-Mar-14 09:42:49

What size/budget/colouring?

AtYourCervix Sat 01-Mar-14 09:45:23


As little as poss. Never likely to wear it again.

I'm beige all over.

tethersend Sat 01-Mar-14 09:46:59

And it has to be trousers, yes?

No dresses?

AtYourCervix Sat 01-Mar-14 09:48:22

Well I do do a tunic and legging look sometimes.

RudyMentary Sat 01-Mar-14 09:48:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AtYourCervix Sat 01-Mar-14 09:50:39

Not really. I live in jeans/leggings/pyjamas.

AtYourCervix Sat 01-Mar-14 09:52:53

I do have monday off so if D2 can't bring herself to look for more than 5 minutes (she struggles with shops) i can try again in peace then.

tethersend Sat 01-Mar-14 10:00:20

Jumpsuit? could put a blazer over.

AtYourCervix Sat 01-Mar-14 10:02:02


Nice shape. How does one wee in a jumpsuit?

Quite liking the trouser shape. Will try to find some to try on.

tethersend Sat 01-Mar-14 10:28:24

If you'd consider a dress, this or this is nice.

tethersend Sat 01-Mar-14 10:28:56

I have no idea about wee/jumpsuit combo. Sorry grin

AtYourCervix Sat 01-Mar-14 12:02:58

Oh dear. It's not going well.

Can i wear jeans?

AtYourCervix Sat 01-Mar-14 12:05:45

Ooh. She's found an acceptable pair of jeans. Phew and hurrah!

tethersend Sat 01-Mar-14 13:01:07

Oh. Are you really wearing jeans to the wedding?

If you're certain they will be ok with it... Well done smile

AtYourCervix Sat 01-Mar-14 14:25:45

I'm not. D2 is though. She only wears black jeans.

She had enough so I'll look again monday.

tethersend Sat 01-Mar-14 14:57:09


WeightyKaty Sat 01-Mar-14 15:02:09

Why only trousers?
Could always sell outfit after wearing.

AtYourCervix Sat 01-Mar-14 15:46:47

I can't find anything do am going naked.

tethersend Sat 01-Mar-14 17:04:18

You may upstage the bride a little...

Stockhausen Sat 01-Mar-14 17:09:59

Stop being so negative, go to Evans & ask for advice?

MrsCakesPremonition Sat 01-Mar-14 17:17:38

Do you have a local Matalan?
This top for a tenner, plus a pair of their navy trousers (various cuts) for another tenner.

And a pair of ballet flats for £6 (blue, red).

AtYourCervix Sat 01-Mar-14 17:23:46

Interesting mrs c. Will venture out on monday.

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