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I don't wear make up

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VeggySausage Fri 28-Feb-14 11:54:19

I don't even own any

But was thinking it would be fun to try something new and to get some stuff purely for special occasions/going out (not that it happens).

So I want something kind over the top, but on the other hand I don't actually know how to do eye make up and all that or what would match my skin type. SO can someone tell me a shop that would do my make up like this below and show me how to do it and then sell me some stuff to go with it.

Also I am 30 am I too old for this look?

boogiewoogie Fri 28-Feb-14 12:16:45

There are many online tutorials if you are planning to do it yourself. Try googling or searchin on youtube for Pixiewoo or Lisa Eldridge and I would guess that you are after a 40s burlesque type look so stick that in your search too.

boogiewoogie Fri 28-Feb-14 12:18:45

How about this as a starting point.

VeggySausage Fri 28-Feb-14 12:29:12

Just watched it boogie thank you, that looked fabulous at the end.. not sure If I could do it myself but I might risk it and buy some of the product she mentioned to practice at home

hellymelly Fri 28-Feb-14 12:33:58

Well it is a big jump from no make-up ever, to full on 50s eyeliner etc. But in terms of application it is actually all quite simple. Solid colour in a pastel on the lid, liquid eyeliner (which takes time to master, but isn't hard to do) and a vivid lipstick in deep pink or red. The pics also show false eyelashes, which again, take time and lots of trial and error to master, but the basic look is there without the lashes, which might annoy you anyway, if you've never worn mascara, as they feel heavy. You could do the full look with foundation etc, but could just go for flicky eyeliner and bight lipstick, with a bit of concealer where you need it. Why not ask a friend to put it on for you at first?
You would need to buy:- Black liquid liner, (or a felt tip style equivalent) black mascara, a vivid strong lipstick (fuschia or red) and concealer for undereyes or redness as basics. Add to that foundation, eyeshadow in a pale colour, with a darker shading colour if you want to shade hollows, and you are done. Lipstick usually doubled as blusher in the 50s but you could buy blusher too if you wanted.

boogiewoogie Fri 28-Feb-14 13:36:40

I don't normally wear make up either but I did a minimal 40's look for a wedding couple of years ago.

I used under eye concealer, wet black eye shadow (Bourjois) as eye liner, black eye brow pencil, blusher and Bourjois Rose sur mesur (think that's what it was called) as my red but not too red lipstick. The features that need emphasis are well groomed, defined eyebrows and red lips.

My make up worked well without looking over done. I'm not brave enough to faff around with eye shadow or deep red lipstick without the risk of looking like a lady boy!

Joey8 Fri 28-Feb-14 14:43:20

I WISH I could go without make-up, even on the days where I say im not really wearing any, I still wear a little cover up and blusher. I have quite bad red acne scaring on my cheeks which is a drag!

I love that retro look! Definitely go for it.

VeggySausage Fri 28-Feb-14 21:03:40

Thanks for all the tips guys, I just want to try something a bit new.. feeling a bit meh lately!

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