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Bra digging in

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sewbee50 Fri 28-Feb-14 11:37:22

My new bra 34 F is digging in madly under my armpit at the top of my ribcage. I've measured correctly but there seems to be an inch of fabric past the end of the wire under my arm.

The ideal size would have been a 34E but they squashed my bosom at the top.

HazleNutt Fri 28-Feb-14 11:50:42

You might simply need another bra that does not come up so high in the armpit.

sewbee50 Fri 28-Feb-14 12:47:57

I need a full cup though blush

I meant to say I've 'been' measured correctly but now I've just measured myself according to the bra intervention thread and I'm a 30/37 shock

Is that possible? This 34 band seems to fit perfectly. What should I be in to minimise my bosom - no balconies here thankyou!

ilovepowerhoop Fri 28-Feb-14 12:52:24

That would give a 30F! Where were you measured?

sewbee50 Fri 28-Feb-14 13:04:47

M & S - how ridiculous! I hope they'll take them back - I bought 3 of the buggers.

sewbee50 Fri 28-Feb-14 13:05:44

That's why they're digging in I suppose - I have the underwire almost on my back! confused

ilovepowerhoop Fri 28-Feb-14 13:18:06

The cup will be far too big as the F cup on a 34 back will be bigger than an F cup on a 30 back. That will be why the wires extend too far round your ribcage. M&S add 4 inches to the back size (for no apparent reason) which is why they have said you need a 34 rather than a 30 back.

HazleNutt Fri 28-Feb-14 13:23:39

Gah M&S again. however, if the F cup at 34 fits, you might need more than the 30F you measure. The 34F cup is equivalent to a G in 30 band (or H, if the brand doesn't do FF and GG).

ilovepowerhoop Fri 28-Feb-14 13:25:38

the cup doesnt sound as if it fits if the wire extends too far round the rib cage

sewbee50 Fri 28-Feb-14 13:32:13

It's exasperating. Now I don't know where to start.

There's a Rigby & Peller shop in Cambridge which I can get to on the train - would it be worth going there? Do they do lots of bands or just their own? Are they uber spendy? These were cheap (£16) but no good if they don't fit!

sewbee50 Fri 28-Feb-14 13:32:43


ilovepowerhoop Fri 28-Feb-14 13:39:48

could you go back to M&S and try on bras yourself - you dont need to be measured, just grab some bras and go to the changing rooms. They have 30F bras online too

sewbee50 Fri 28-Feb-14 13:42:46

I think that's a better idea ilove the Rigby ones START at £60 shock

I'll take 30F and 32E to try as a start yes? The faff of dressing rooms for bras is really annoying. Best to take a few in I suppose.

HazleNutt Fri 28-Feb-14 13:42:50

there's Bravissimo in Cambridge, go there. Once you know your size and what brands fit you, you can then buy them loads cheaper online.

Vickiyumyum Fri 28-Feb-14 13:44:11

I know the bra interventionists hate m&s but I find their bras fit well. I use my own measurements and don't get fitted by them. I spend time leaning down, swinging my arms around twisting with each bra to make sure it its. I am usually a 32g/h there (underband measurement is 31, but a 30 is way too tight and gives me back fat!)

Lovelybitofsquirrel Fri 28-Feb-14 13:45:10

I would recommend a fitting in Bravissimo, they were fab with me.

sewbee50 Fri 28-Feb-14 13:48:52

Thanks! It's great to be able to chat about this smile

Bravissimo. They'll get you sorted fit wise. You might be lucky and be able to find bras in Marks once you know what to look for but generally the quality isn't great in larger cups

sewbee50 Fri 28-Feb-14 13:55:01

OK Bravissimo it is! Many, many thanks smile

boogiewoogie Fri 28-Feb-14 22:14:47

Okay, same subject. I bought a Cleo Lucy bra online the other day in a 28D and wore it yesterday. No falling straps, no band riding up as I stretch and boobs feel safely encased and reduced risk of nipple flashing when I bend over. So far so good. However, when I took it off and there were these marks under my breasts where the under wire was. Is the band too tight then? Are the cups too small? The wire starts in front of my armpit if that's any help. Any advice would be nice,

Is it just a red mark, like you would get with tight socks/jeans etc?

boogiewoogie Fri 28-Feb-14 22:21:47

Yes statistically. It is quite prominent enough for me to notice though.

I'd hazard a guess that it's normal. As long as it's not painful then a mark is totally normal once your bra fits right. I can get some pretty obvious ones because I sit down all day and I'm not skinny, so the band leaves a mark at the front on me.

boogiewoogie Fri 28-Feb-14 22:30:32

Okay thanks. Will try and get used to it.

holidaysarenice Fri 28-Feb-14 22:32:27

I have that with cleo bras! Only a cleo so wondering is it their manufacturing, is the wire not in enough fabric etc?

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