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Makeup to make you look younger.. without the dewy, glowy look

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alltoomuchrightnow Fri 28-Feb-14 01:23:43

I'm going to be posting quite a few q's on S&B , so please bear with me!
Basically, a complete overhaul needed (inside and out) after year from hell
Barely recognise myself in mirror right now due to stress and weight gain
However this year has been great so far and it's time to get the old me back, only better! Fingers crossed... a new me, new life..

So... make up needs an overhaul. Been stuck in a rut for too long. I'm pushing 43 and told I look years younger (probably due to oily skin) would be prune otherwise and I drink a lot of water... only have v fine lines.. round eyes....
But I do tend to go a bit too heavy on the eye makeup and with the foundation (have some redness and broken veins). I don't wear blusher or bronzer ever though, nor dark lips, which looks horrific on me.
I do have very big, brown eyes and like to play them up, everyone says they're my best features
I can't do the dewy glowy thing, being oily. It's more about reducing shine and redness with me. Also eyemakeup is hard to stay put, apart from my trusty Clinique lash power mascara.
I've got false eyelashes too (lost a lot of my own, from stress last year)
I just need a younger, fresher look without being too shiny
I've decided so far.. less black eyeliner (only thin line only from now on, and for eves; lighter shades for day, again a thinner line)
No eyeshadow or only light shades (is shimmery a no go? or matte? very confused. eyelids not particularly crepey but not spring chicken either)
DP says I look young for age with light makeup but the heavier i go, I definitely add years on. I thought extra definition was the way to go, but looking at photos he's right...
Yet too light and I look washed out and's a fine line...
So how can i look lighter, fresh and not like a complete insomniac without doing the Katie Price glowy greaseball type thang?
I can't even wear moisturiser under foundation.. I just want to look fresh , fairly natural, and defined ... not shiny... I've been enjoying colour and bold eyes for a while but I can see that it's aging me
Should i get my colours done? or just cut down on the amount of what i use? i'm pretty sure what shades do suit me

Sorry so long! And which beauty counters would do 'light' makeovers? without the hard sell?

peasandlove Fri 28-Feb-14 06:08:02

can you get to a bobbie brown counter for a makeover? they do the natural look. Otherwise stick to neutral colours for your eyeshadow and lip colours close to your natural lip shade

Deathwatchbeetle Fri 28-Feb-14 06:53:11

You could still play up your eyes but go easy on your lips.

You would need a mattifying moisturiser or a light moisturiser with a mattifying primer (before make up thingy). Then a light oil free foundation. I have broken veins and normally use a concealer with yellowish cast to hide these. Don't be persuaded to use green colouration on your cheeks. If not done right it shows up gray and if you get caught out in the rain you don't want green cheeks! Yellow is more natural.

Go and get a make up done in a store by Bobbi Brown as mentioned above, Lancome, Clinique, Estee Lauder or Clarins. WHen they have finished do not be tempted to buy the lot. If you want to buy anything on the day -do not make it the foundation but ask for a sample so that you can try it at home. Freshly applied it is bound to look great but you need to find out for yoursef how well it will cope after about 5-6 hours, when you have been cooking, walking in the rain etc. Give it a good road test!

What you put on before the foundation eg BB creeam, cc cream and primers is as important as putting on foundation etc. You need either a primer for your eyes or to powder there before you put on eye make up.

You may feel you need a bit of powder -perhaps in the t zone of your face.

GeorginaWorsley Fri 28-Feb-14 07:21:27

I have oily skin and have tried every foundation out there!
Currently using Clarins Everlasting which makes my skin look great,I have to admit.
I use Benefit Browzings for my brows,just to keep in place and add a bit if definition.
For day I use Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner,a taupe shadow and Benefit They're Real mascara,one if the few that doesn't smudge on me
I like blush so use a Bobbi Brown blusher and then a rosy brown lipcolour,again usually Bobbi Brown Nude or something similar.
Am 47 and agree too heavy and make up ages me.

sewbee50 Fri 28-Feb-14 10:26:56

Laura mercier tinted moisturiser and primer Both in oil-free versions are good on my skin as is Estée Lauder double wear in the light version.

Bobbi brown compact and 'skin' were like oil slicks on me. Eldw light has staying power but is a tad drying which my skin likes.

Flangeofmingetown Fri 28-Feb-14 10:49:03

Foundation wise I would go with Maybelline dream matte mousse. I have combination skin and a very oily t-zone and this makeup sorts it out without separating and turning orange. It isn't heavy on the skin either and it doesn't go chalky on my cheeks.

Eyes wise Mua matte neutral palette is wonderful. It's £4 and goes that thing of brightening your eyes but softly and it wears off without going into the eye creases. That's from Superdrug.

If you use an eyeliner step down to a choc brown rather than black but keep your mascara black. That way you should get eye definition without the heaviness. I like Avon glimmersticks as it lasts well and you never have to sharpen them.

This neutral canvas then allows you to go bright or light with your lips depending on your mood. I found a good range of lipsticks in Marks and Spencer recently from their limited collection range. I recommend the plum matte one as it is a mid tone plum but has staying power. There were lots of shades though. It wears well without balling onthe lips.

Mascara wise - Clinique is my favourite although No7 is good.

alltoomuchrightnow Sat 01-Mar-14 00:12:44

thankyou everyone no time to reply now but will try and reply on sat ev x

alltoomuchrightnow Sat 01-Mar-14 00:12:51


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