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urgent help needed - first night out since having 2 babies!

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Neiffer Thu 27-Feb-14 11:13:58

as title says, I'm going on a girl's night out next weekend and have nothing to wear sad it's been so long since I've been out (3 years plus) and my figure has totally changed so none of my old clothes fit. I'm on a tight budget as still on maternity leave. I'm a size 12 roughly with massive boobs and am 5ft 2. I'm fair with shoulder length hair and used to look quite punk/rock as a youth.
I've seen this dress on eBay, and quite like it in navy, could I wear it with a bra though?

I also have a short black tube skirt so wondering if I could buy a top to go with it? no idea what though, or what sort of shoes I could wear out?!

anyone seen any dresses or tops they could recommend?!

beanandspud Thu 27-Feb-14 18:13:00

Have a look at Wallis web site. I was on there earlier and they have quite a lot of tunic-type dresses at the moment that would look good with black opaque tights and heels (or shoe boots).

There are a lot of mnetters on here who are much better equipped than I am to offer fashion advice but I would try to book a blow dry and have my nails done if budget allows - feeling 'polished' gives me much more confidence than the clothes iykwim.

What sort of night out is it?

Neiffer Thu 27-Feb-14 19:00:43

cheers beanandspud, I'll havea look at Wallis, hadn't thought of there. we're going for a meal and drinks, maybe some dancing smile
not sure my budget would stretch to a blow dry etc, that would be lovely though. maybe when I'm back at work...

Used2bthin Thu 27-Feb-14 20:01:50

I wear tube skirts with ankle boots. I wear with a jumper over a vest top but that's more for pub type things, I haven't been out in ages but I am sure there would be a dressier alternative to jumpers (my favourite is a topshop embellished one)

A friend of mine who does go out more than me seems to wear her tube skirts with a blouse or t shirt type thing tucked in but I haven't tried this as it wouldn't suit my figure.

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