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Decluttered and depressed

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sewbee50 Tue 25-Feb-14 20:47:07

Hi, I've just spent the day throwing out stuff that I don't love sad It's a good thing I know but I'm so cross with myself for buying crap in the first place.

I shopped the sales and bought nigh on everything that fitted me and was in my colour range but none of it worked in my wardrobe.

Scratchy itchy lambswool jumpers/cardigans (less that £20 so bought 3) shit fabric choices - polyester and sweaty and then to top it all off I raided my make-up drawer and threw out 4 foundations.

I could weep. How to break the cycle of buying for the sake of buying only to hoard it all and feel disillusioned later?

I buy thinking it will make me perfect and then beat myself up for not using it and wearing my crap clothes instead.

Is it just me?

Aquelven Wed 26-Feb-14 11:09:04

The more I read your first post, the more I thought oh dear, this is me too, so you really aren't alone.
Especially the part about needing to give yourself permission to wear & use the good make up & clothes. I'm so guilty of that.
I have lovely things languishing in the wardrobe but, as I work at home & rarely have need to dress up, I tend to wear the same few tired things. I go to get something out & then think what a waste to wear it today when I'm going nowhere & seeing nobody, apart from the dogs. My school run days are past ( my Dcs are grown & flown) & I live in a pretty remote place.
I have far too much stuff! Most of which never gets used. I really need a kick up the backside to start to do what you're doing.
I feel guilty & depressed about it too.

sewbee50 Wed 26-Feb-14 11:12:33

Have a hug aquelven

Although it was difficult it needed doing and now I can start again. Life's too darn short to spend it in crappy clothes.

I literally held everything in my hand one at a time and said out loud 'do you make me feel good or bad?' the bad pile is huge and is going to be donated or tossed. Everything else can stay.

Chin up and dive in - it really helped me on many levels. Today the sun's shining and all is well. smile

sunshinemmum Wed 26-Feb-14 11:17:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bunnymother Wed 26-Feb-14 11:20:36

"Life's too darn short to spend it in crappy clothes" - correct. And no one is better or more deserving of nice things than you. Put on your lovely things and enjoy them.

sewbee50 Wed 26-Feb-14 11:21:17

The dress thing is a 'lifestyle' idea for me sunshine I think if I have lovely dresses I can be lovely confused I too live in jeans but hate the restrictiveness of them.

sewbee50 Wed 26-Feb-14 11:23:08

Thanks bunnymother I really think I will. I've nothing left that makes me feel crappy!

Today I'm sporting black jeans, red round neck cashmere jumper with a white shirt underneath. I feel fabulous grin

Aquelven Wed 26-Feb-14 11:23:37

Sewbee I'm going to make that my motto, " Life's too darn short to spend it in crappy clothes." You're so right smile
Sunshine I do that too, buy clothes for a life that isn't my day to day reality just cos I fall in love with something.

sunshinemmum Wed 26-Feb-14 11:24:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sewbee50 Wed 26-Feb-14 11:26:49

I understand that feeling sunshine, I've nothing to do with my day and a wardrobe full of going-out clothes that I don't wear.

We're truly our own worst enemy at times! Men don't do this do they?

bunnymother Wed 26-Feb-14 11:34:41

Your clothes are there to serve you, not the other way around, and its not hard to lose sight of that, sometimes, I think.

"Men don't do this do they?" Not the men I know well (eg DH, brother, brother-in-law and my dad). Mind you, they pretty much never shop - I find this odd grin

Orangeanddemons Wed 26-Feb-14 11:36:50

I never buy in sales. I never wear anything I've bought from them.

I just ignore them and buy the new stuff instead

sunshinemmum Wed 26-Feb-14 11:40:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sewbee50 Wed 26-Feb-14 11:42:35

I feel SO much better knowing it isn't just me thanks

HelloBoys Wed 26-Feb-14 11:43:48

Bluebell - I seem to be like you especially with clothes!

It's frightening and something I don't want to do. I think I do it to fill a void.

I have bought some gems in the past month that I know are keepers but otherwise I really need to think what I buy.

Viviennemary Wed 26-Feb-14 11:55:58

I do absolutely see your point. I've a few things I don't want, have never worn but can't throw them away as I've paid a fair bit for them. I gave a totally hideous bag and tags never even taken off to charity. It cost me around �15 so not that much. But it was a mistake and a waste of money. I try not to buy in sales now. And don't buy things I'm not that keen on because they're quite cheap like the bag.

sunshinemmum Wed 26-Feb-14 11:59:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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