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What do you think of this dress...?

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iwouldgoouttonight Tue 25-Feb-14 19:16:12


I can't decide if it kooks too snakeskiny.

badgerknowsbest Tue 25-Feb-14 19:22:48

...But I haven't got a stitch to wear

Sorry just following on from your name smile I like the dress but I would be a bit worried about the bad review?

iwouldgoouttonight Tue 25-Feb-14 19:28:28

grin I haven't got a stitch to wear, that's why I need a dress!

The review says it didn't suit her because she wasn't tall so i'm not too worried about that because i'm quite tall.

Why pamper life's complexity when the leather runs smooth on the passenger seats...

Hard to tell from the pic. I suspect that the fabric wouldn't be great.

iwouldgoouttonight Tue 25-Feb-14 20:00:31

Its gruesome that someone so handsome would care.

I might order it, I can always send it back.

badgerknowsbest Tue 25-Feb-14 20:00:35

Well I wouldn't be too worried as the review said the material was nice, but I don't think it would suit anyone short anyway so if your not a short arse like me should be ok, love your name and in this case it's very appropriate grin

Financeprincess Tue 25-Feb-14 22:49:00

I'm surprised that the reviewer liked the fabric, because it looks like cheap polyester chiffon. I don't love the frock. I know so much about these things (sorry).

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