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Advice for hair-curling virgin

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Amethyst24 Mon 24-Feb-14 21:17:40

A couple of years ago I had my bra strap-length hair cut into a jaw-length bob. I love it and it definitely suits me.

I've never straightened my hair as it's naturally straight, although as I've got older it's not totally poker-straight like it used to be. When I style it I use my BBH, or blow-dry with a round brush or even just a paddle brush, and it looks fine - it's a very good cut.

But I don't blow-dry my hair every day, and quite often I just comb conditioner through after exercise and let it dry naturally. I quite like the messy result I get (especially if I've slept on it blush) but I'd like to get a slightly more styled look the next day, without washing/conditioning and drying again.

I want to achieve a look that's messy, slightly curly, but styled rather than just slept-on - kind of like this

I've looked at a few YouTube tutorials that show how to style a messy/beach-wavy bob. Would straighteners or a curling iron be better for this? I'm reluctant to spend £90 on straighteners, but curling irons give me the Fear a bit. I'm crap at styling my hair and fortunate that I've got away with doing the bare minimum for 40 years.

Any suggestions?

WhyIRayLiotta Mon 24-Feb-14 21:29:11

That hair do is lovely.

I have long hair - and sometimes I wash it the night before and let it air dry (mainly cos I can't be arsed drying it.)

My hair is somewhere between straight and wavy - but I'd never wear it in its natural state as it just looks messy. What I do is use the wand

I love it. Basically I section my hair into about 5 pieces, wrap each section around the wand and hold for a count of 10-15 seconds. I let them drop and cool then brush through. Takes less than a minute to do my whole head and it leaves my hair like This

I don't use any product and it lasts all day.

Amethyst24 Mon 24-Feb-14 21:35:12

Aha, that's exactly the look I am after WhyIRay. And a mere 20 squid! Thanks.

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