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I want an across body leather chain strap bag

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Tweet2tweet Mon 24-Feb-14 20:15:49

Just that really, in the style of Chanel but no where near the price! I only have about £50 to spend. It doesn't have to be quilted but black, leather and with a chain strap.

Is this an impossible mission?

MrsLettuce Mon 24-Feb-14 20:38:50

was it a clutch you were after?

Tweet2tweet Mon 24-Feb-14 20:44:10

That is nice but I need something a little bigger. I plan to use it as a work bag to hold my purse, phone, keys and small make up bag. I have a knomo laptop bag to carry everything else!

MrsLettuce Mon 24-Feb-14 20:53:32

ooh, slightly over budget but is actually leather. Strap might be 'wrong', mind.
?strap again
no idea what size this is but this lloks smaller confused]

MrsLettuce Mon 24-Feb-14 20:55:43


gindrinker Mon 24-Feb-14 20:59:31

Cheap and cheerful:
It's about the size of a mini iPad and quite deep.

Tweet2tweet Tue 25-Feb-14 07:09:09

Thanks for suggestions!

peasandlove Tue 25-Feb-14 09:11:22

there's a few here

Tweet2tweet Tue 25-Feb-14 16:10:46

Thanks peasandlove. I'm liking the one on baginc, a little over budget but the best out of the ones I have seen. Do you think gold or hematite finish is best?

I know that gold is more authentic but thought hematite may look better quality... Someone please help confused

peasandlove Wed 26-Feb-14 08:47:09

<shrug> These bags are not my thing, best ask the experts grin

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