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Quality clothing in the winter sales for use the following fall/winter...

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SnowBells Mon 24-Feb-14 18:36:19

Do you sometimes buy winter clothing in the sales to use in the next fall/winter season?

After being a little bored with buying cheap coats that last maybe a year (and don't look nice at all after a few months), I decided to splash on more expensive coats - but in the Sales. So far, I got one rain jacket from a well-known brand that was reduced to less than 50% of its original value, as well as a wool/cashmere coat reduced to 50% of its original value. Mind you - they are still not ridiculously cheap. Each one cost me several hundreds.

I tend to go for classic - nearly boring - coats that won't go out of style much. I am hoping they will last me a good few years. DH will probably ask why I bought coats now.

Does anyone do the same?

Shopgirl1 Mon 24-Feb-14 19:20:08

Yes, I bought a By Malene Birger and a Isabel Marant coat in the sales and they are both classic coats that I'll be wearing next year.

SnowBells Mon 24-Feb-14 19:26:38


How will you store them? Just ordered a load of garment bags to make sure they won't get dusty...

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