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Skin care, particularly eye cream, to help ageing skin

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Francois Sun 23-Feb-14 19:07:25


I'm in early 30s but my skin looks v aged, I have very pronounced crows feet and wrinkles. I know it's a fact of life but it's time I looked at my relatively non existent skin care routine and started making more effort as I do look more worn than a lot of my friends. Can anyone recommend a good moisturiser and eye cream please? I have combination skin which but still suffer hormonal breakouts

Ps I also know diet plays a part so am reducing fizzy drinks, caffeine, sugar, alcohol etc

apparently pure shea butter is amazing but i have yet to try it.

waceystills Mon 24-Feb-14 13:11:28

No7 project and perfect works for me. When I started using it 5 years ago at the age of 34, people commented on my glowing skin.

I have oily skin so I just use the eye cream and intense serum. My skin feels lovely and soft and the eye cream does smooth out the skin around my eyes too.

RonaldMcDonald Mon 24-Feb-14 13:34:10

you don't need an eye cream if you are using products that are fragrance free and have all the ingredients that your skin needs <as long as you aren't using massively gloopy creams on your face!>

i think that the olay regenerist one if you feel the need

you need to use a decent spf to stop things getting any worse in terms of wrinkles.
a really simple cleanse, treat, serum system will sort out your skin and may stop the wrinkles getting worse.

specialsubject Mon 24-Feb-14 18:20:09

there's nothing you buy in a pot and put on your skin that will reverse the effects of gravity and smiling. It's all cobblers. The stuff might make your skin feel more comfortable but that's all.

don't smoke, wear sunscreen.

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