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Bra buying is so stressful!

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FunkyBarnYard Sun 23-Feb-14 12:52:45

Under the intervention I was recommended 34DD.

This seems as easy as buying unicorn poop from the corner shop.

Short on choice for shops. Matalan. Peacocks. And new look.

Finally found that a 34D gavee the comfiest fit with no gaping it empty feeling.

They recommend bra buying every 3 months.

I can't wait shockshockgrin

You need to explore the internet I'm afraid if that's your selection of shops. A 34DD is not even remotely rare but there are a fair few ranges which stop at a D.

What about local supermarkets? Any department store?

FunkyBarnYard Sun 23-Feb-14 13:34:23

We have a sainsburys. But after trying on 30 bras I couldn't bear trying another shop. The 34D seemed adequate and will tide me over til I explore online. I have shallow boobs I think. The balconnette bras gave me a weird look. Extra top boobs in both 34d and dd.

Extra top boobs tends to suggest that you're fuller on top than on bottom - or that they weren't big enough in the cup

I feel your pain - bra shopping is second only to jeans shopping for being hell. It does get easier though - after a while you just know which brands and cuts generally suit you smile

FunkyBarnYard Sun 23-Feb-14 14:05:17

Ok I have my new bra on. When I bend over there's a slight gap between material and boob

And if I slouch back in my chair the top edge where the strap meets is a bit loose. This normal?

Other wise the band feels lovely! Tight but not painful. It's quite a revelation!

FunkyBarnYard Sun 23-Feb-14 14:06:06

If fuller on top would I be better with the plunge type bras that have some padding in the bottom in the cup?

Fuller on top generally suit cups which are quite open at the top. Some cups sort of curve back in towards your chest, and those which do that a lot will tend to be a nightmare for full on top norks as quad boob is very easy to come by.

Is the bra you bought moulded by any chance?

FunkyBarnYard Sun 23-Feb-14 14:21:19

Yes it is. I didn't find an Unmoulded one that felt or looked right. They were much bigger coverage cups which I guess I'm not used to wearing!

Fairylea Sun 23-Feb-14 14:23:26

I'm going to be honest... I think if you're over a b -c cup you're not going to get any half decent bra from anywhere other than bravissimo, brastop online, or a major department store like debenhams (not marks and spencers, structure is truly horrid and does nothing for larger sizes in my opinion).

I am a 30GG and I wouldn't even start looking in new look or anywhere like that. I'd bet the problems you're having are because the bra itself is designed for smaller boobs and then made bigger, larger boobs need better structure really. Look at brands like Freya, curvy kate, panache and fantasie. Bravissimo own brand are very good too.

I'd order some online and send them back if they don't fit.

That's probably the source of the gaping. Moulded bras just can't move or shape to your body in the same way as either a totally unpadded or even something with soft padding. It's very common to find that they will gape even though they're the right size simply because your boob isn't the same shape as the cup itself.

As a rule you have to try a lot of moulded bras to find one which suits your breast shape. If they are your preference, I would suggest trying the Freya Deco, Cleo Maddie, Curvy Kate Smoothie, wonderbra D-g t shirt bra, possibly the cleo juna, and the panache porcelain. That sounds like loads of bras, but there are some quite significant differences in the shapes of them and it's likely that only one or two will actually work for you. Moulded really is a trial and error job!

NoArmaniNoPunani Sun 23-Feb-14 14:30:33

I got a 32DD in tesco with no trouble

FunkyBarnYard Sun 23-Feb-14 14:40:08

I'm going to have to go out of town for proper shopping or gaff about with online.

I think once I've gone to a bravissimo or similar and tried on plenty of styles i am a bit hmm about buying online. And returning. And buying and returning. Will feel like a never ending saga!

Once I'm confident myself I will venture online!!

I live in a crappy town with little to no choice for anything useful.

But if you want to buy cards or takeout the world is your oyster here!

FunkyBarnYard Sun 23-Feb-14 14:41:53

I wasn't going to bother with new look. It was a last ditch attempt to find something!

They felt comfier and gave a much better shape than peacocks or Matalan. But I'm not convinced this is THE BEST BRA ever. But certainly better than the 36A I was wearing!

FunkyBarnYard Sun 23-Feb-14 16:22:45

So been wearing for a couple of hours now. Feels a bottle uncomfortable where the strap meets the cup. Could that be stitching? Or the fact I'm not used to feeling that there? Perhaps the straps are too tight? How should they feel?

I feel a bit silly that I know how tight a cats collar should be but not a bra strap gringrin

(i'm lazy so copying froma post on other thread!)

Your old bra will have been quite a different shape, with different end points, pressure points, edges etc and it's bound to feel weird.

It's a bit like (and maybe this is just me), I have some lovely summery sandals and flip flops which fit me well and are comfy. But if I've been wearing wintery shoes/boots a lot then go on holiday and stick on a pair of toe post flip flops I will almost certainly get sore bits on my feet, just because I'm not used to them.

straps should be holding the cups up/in place but not taking much weight. They should not be digging in at all - it's common for people who have been wearing too big a back to wear their straps too tight as they use them to compensate for the useless back and try to get some lift.

FunkyBarnYard Sun 23-Feb-14 16:42:25

Ah thank you! Will try with a looser strap if I put my thumb under the strap it feels squashed. Should it just rest?

FunkyBarnYard Mon 24-Feb-14 09:35:35

WOW!! Lifting your arms up and your bra staying where it is!!

No more weird grabbing the central gore and wiggling it back in to place!

Mind blown shockgringrin

Welcome to the world of proper bras

boogiewoogie Mon 24-Feb-14 13:12:11

Have to agree with bra shopping being a bit of a nightmare. I'm meant to be 28D but could only find 30C and 28C the other day on the high street and neither fitted for different reasons.

I have just placed an £80 order on 4 bras and hope that at least one of them will fit!

waceystills Mon 24-Feb-14 13:19:13

If any of you ladies where on the bra intervention thread the other day (can't find it) I want to say:


From the bottom of my Heart envyenvyenvyenvyenvy

I was wearing 36A. I measured myself and promptly went and bought a.........34C.

It's a revelation I can tell you. They're so pert smile. DP loves em he does.

thanksthanksthanksthanks For you, lovely ladies.

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