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What is your shopping addiction? Bags, Shoes, Handbags, Make-up or something else?

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StyleOverSubstance Sun 23-Feb-14 12:16:35

Just that really - I have a definite fondness for bags and scarves, but seem to have shopping 'phases'. I will suddenly decide I haven't got any tops and will go and buy a couple of new ones as with looking at them exclusively, I see others I really like, then cant decide which to buy or think ooohh, this will be perfect with such a thing, this will do for whatever and end up buying both........... or several [hmmm] over a period of a couple of weeks.

BecauseIsaidS0 Sun 23-Feb-14 13:09:09

Shoes, definitely shoes for me. I am a UK size 2 so now that there are specialist internet shops and also brands like CB have started offering IT34, I'm like a kid in a candy store.

DaftSkunk Sun 23-Feb-14 13:23:34

Scarves and bracelets/bangles. Love them and it's a quick cheap fix if I want to buy myself something nice.

foolssilver Sun 23-Feb-14 13:26:32

Stripey tops! I have so many but keep buying them. It's an obsession.

spookyskeleton Sun 23-Feb-14 13:31:24

Pyjamas - I buy them constantly blush

Do have a fondness for shoes too but definitely PJ's!

SpookedMackerel Sun 23-Feb-14 13:33:11

Coats blush. You can never have too many coats is my mantra. Even the DC have loads.

FluffyDucky Sun 23-Feb-14 13:33:39

Used to be shoes (and bras!) but now definitely make-up. Like spooky I do have a fondness for PJ's as well!

WeGotAnnie Sun 23-Feb-14 13:34:53

Chunky bracelets
Hair products (a drawer full of serums, sprays, volumising products etc)

FoxyHarlow123 Sun 23-Feb-14 13:35:40

Shoes, bras and knickers, PJs and all things beautifying, like shower gels and scrubs and moisturisers.

NoArmaniNoPunani Sun 23-Feb-14 13:36:05


MrsCampbellBlack Sun 23-Feb-14 13:38:30

Handbags. Don't buy often generally as like ��� ones. But have splurged a bit this week.

goodasitgets Sun 23-Feb-14 13:40:12

Make up. And beauty products
I daren't even admit how much makeup I have except that I've insured it separately blushblushblushblush

Kasterborous Sun 23-Feb-14 13:44:24

Notebooks, books, pencils and Pyjamas.

buttercrumble Sun 23-Feb-14 13:48:24

Ooh handbags here , love mulberry and would rather save for months and months for one lovely bag. Rather than ten from the high street smile

Chottie Sun 23-Feb-14 13:58:41

Handbags, hair products, scarves, lipsticks in fact most make up smile

santamarianovella Sun 23-Feb-14 13:59:22

shoes,bags,and underwear blush, I keep buying lots of underwear lately,

I also developed a sudden addiction to premium denim,I used to buy 3 pairs a year, so far I've bought 2 this month,

spookyskeleton Sun 23-Feb-14 14:03:19

ooh I forgot, nail varnishes aswell. I have over 100 on my bathroom window (and most of them are expensive brands).

However, I have cured that addiction by now having gel manicures instead - probably cost the same as my nail varnish purchases and they never chip and I don't have to spend an hour every 4-5 days painting my nails and then waiting for them to dry.

I now have probably £500 worth of nail varnishes (used once or twice) sat in my bathroom :-/

Allthingsprettyreturns Sun 23-Feb-14 14:11:32

Nearly everything mentioned so far on this thread!

Boltonlass1972 Sun 23-Feb-14 14:34:32

I'm a charity shop queen and love finding bargain shoes and boots!

PantsInWash Sun 23-Feb-14 14:34:58

Shoes. Shoes. And more shoes.

I have large feet & when I was younger had to wear boys/mens shoes which I hated. Now I can get lovely shoes that fit I'm making up for lost time... DD is one size smaller than me & wants her feet to grow so she can borrow my shoes. As soon as that happens I'm getting a padlock for the wardrobe grin

OhTheDrama Sun 23-Feb-14 15:06:03

Mine would be nail polish at the moment! All price levels but Essie is my favourite closely followed by Barry M. Had a gel manicure which ruined my nails so I stick to normal polishes now.

peacefuleasyfeeling Sun 23-Feb-14 15:12:09

Hm, might start stripy tops too, Fools... Back in pre-DC days, when I felt pretty flush, I used to obsess about a particular product from a particular brand and sometimes buy said item in several colours or "one for a spare, I just love it sooo much!". I spent a small fortune on many, many pairs of Pied a Terre very tall boots, Radley bags and Miller Harris perfume. Doh.

Amrapaali Sun 23-Feb-14 15:16:31

Books on Kindle. Body Butters.

Luckily, my addictions don't make much of a dent on my purse. smile

TallulahBetty Sun 23-Feb-14 15:21:38

Make up mainly, but also shoes, bags and bras wink

atthestrokeoftwelve Sun 23-Feb-14 15:22:59

Nothing. I am happy not to have a shopping addiction. If I do need some item- a pair of winter boots or a dress for a special occasion it takes me ages to buy it.

90% of my clothes come from charity shops anyway and I have one handbag to my name ( and that was second hand)

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