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Help sort my hair out!

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WelshMoth Sun 23-Feb-14 11:05:14

My hair never seems to grow - ok, it does, but the growth is so slow, it's almost non existant. Its a short bob at the moment and getting shorter because I straighten it regularly.

Left to dry naturally, its straight-ish at the front, wispy, but the back is a hap hazard jumble of z shaped kinks. Very unattractive!

I have also recently dyed it. The condition is ok now but was v dry to start with. Have been using moroccan argan oil (FAB stuff) and yesterday bought a glossing treatment.

It's a light brown, dark blonde but I dont like the brassiness. I am a flat mousey colour naturally with one or two grey strands but I am sorely tempted to go back natural.

In my mind, I want longer, natural colour locks. In reality I have a short brassy yellow bob which looks a dirty yellow unless I wash it daily.

Advice please!? Are there any supplements I can take to encourage growth? Can I take this brassiness away?

Huge thanks of youve made it through my epic OP!

pantsjustpants Sun 23-Feb-14 11:17:50

My hair is a short bob at the moment and has random kinks and waves. You neeed to learn to dry it properly. Section it off with crocodile clips and dry it bit by bit using a round brush and a hair dryer with a nozzle always pointing down to smooth the hair shaft. I've only recently discovered this thanks to my new and fabulous hairdresser!

Use a smoothing oil/cream afterwards. I have an argan oil for that. Make sure you use heat spray as well.

To get the brassiness out of the colour you need purple shampoo and conditioner. I use Affinage Cool Blonde range. It's very effective until you decide what to do colour-wise.

OneWayStreetToNoWhere Sun 23-Feb-14 11:47:21

3 words - Biotin and Coconut oil.

Massage the coconut oil into your scalp.
Take biotin and vitamins every day as well as cod liver oil to give your hair nutrients to grow.
Also try your best to stay away from heat.

I've grew out my bob, it took me 3 years to get from a chin length bob to bra strap length hair, also don't brush it when it's wet and brush from the bottom to the root of your hair to avoid breakage.

biotin tablets seem to have helped my hair grow. coconut oil or amla oil mask weekly makes it smooth and shiney.

WelshMoth Sun 23-Feb-14 12:25:02

Thanks everyone. I'll look into the coconut oil and biotin tabs. Any recommendations where to buy? I usually rely on Amazon..,

I should invest in a good brush too I s'pose....

OneWayStreetToNoWhere Sun 23-Feb-14 12:38:35

I got my coconut oil from superdrug (its really cheap) and biotin is about £6 from Holland and Barrett

foolssilver Sun 23-Feb-14 13:44:05

Your hair sounds like mine. It's taken me a year and a half but I now have healthy looking, thicker hair which is almost bra strap length.

My tips are:

Get a Keratin blow dry treatment, I've only had then in a salon but I know lots of mners have used home kits. You can get salon treatments fairly cheaply on groupon etc. This transformed my hair and meant that I have nothad to use ststraighteners since.

Buy a tangle teaser and use it carefully.

Go darker if you can bear it. It took me a long time to take the plunge as I loved he blonde and felt it was part of my identity but I got to the point that my hair was hideous and I realised I would rather nice healthy dark hair than try and cling to the blonde anymore.

foolssilver Sun 23-Feb-14 13:48:04

Oops posted too soon.

You might want to check your oil doesn't contain silicone as it masks the problem. Since finding out about silicones on here I've ditched them and hair is even better.

Good luck, hope you find something that works. I know how it feels.

WelshMoth Sun 23-Feb-14 14:56:38

Thanks silver.
I'll look into that, defo. I'm feeling my age at the minute so nice locks would be a boost!

something2say Sun 23-Feb-14 16:08:01

I wonder if you might be better not straightening it, and letting it grow longer as and when it will? Go back to natural, you said you are sorely tempted? And do the oil thing. That's what I reckon. I think what is natural us is often best and I do think that straightening is not good long term. I stopped doing it and let my hair curl and now it's gorg, but you do have to get layers in, so growing the bob out might work there?

WelshMoth Sun 23-Feb-14 20:52:34

Something - I would love to be more natural so I think you have something there. I have tried in the past but I've never really paid for a decent cut so I know that a lot has to change!

hermionepotter Sun 23-Feb-14 21:01:28

could you ditch straighteners and let it dry out mostly naturally just using bbh at the end? also kerastase mask weekly is good, and vo5 hot oil in shower

something2say Sun 23-Feb-14 21:41:57

It's all about the product when you go natural. I use serum on wet, then potion 9 or some other holding cream....then dry it, then wax or whatever to hold the curl. It'll stay for about 3 days looking more and more rock and bed head.....x. What sort of salons near you?

cerealqueen Sun 23-Feb-14 22:51:38

Sounds similar to my hair. I would massage hair as suggested, ditch straighteners but if you need to, use a straightening brush, smoothens and straightens, use a heat balm on it to protect it.

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