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I don't know what to wear... please help!

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pantsjustpants Sun 23-Feb-14 10:14:40

I'm lost! I've lost 3 stone recently and am now exercising a lot so I'm toning up. But clothes wise, I've lost my way and literally don't know what to wear.

I'm 43, 5ft 4", pear shape, size 12. I work in electrical engineering and don't need to be smart but do need to be tidy. I hate scruffy anyway...

At the moment I've got some DP stretchy skinny jeggings in black and navy, they're great as they look like proper skinnies but have lasted a lot longer as I could buy them a bit smaller. I have a lovely Boden dress that I wear quite a bit, a shortish black stretchy skirt which goes with various jumpers and a shortish t-shirt style dress but in a thick jersey. These are the things I like, everything else makes me feel frumpy. In lots of ways I still feel fat...

What else do I buy? I walk into clothes shops and walk out again at the moment...

Hopefully Sun 23-Feb-14 10:17:36

Do you have any idea what kind of look you want to go for? How about setting up a board on Pinterest and gathering a few looks you like? Or looking into the personal shopper/image consultant type thing (disclaimer: I'm one of those so obviously I think they're wonderful grin)

If you like jeans, it sounds like you could do with a couple of decent pairs of jeans to go with the various jumpers to mix things up a bit.

Pinterest can also be good for capsule wardrobe inspiration, to get maximum mileage from a few items of clothing.

pantsjustpants Sun 23-Feb-14 11:11:49

I've no idea, and that's just compounding the problem really. I've always been a bit on the hippy side, but it doesn't feel right anymore. I feel like I want to grow up iykwim.

I'm a bit of a Pinterest virgin although I do have an account. I'll investigate that today.

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