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Bra experts - model recommendations

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eastdulwichbedwetter Sun 23-Feb-14 10:00:05

I, I had some great advice for bras and got myself a Panache Cleo Juna bra in a 30F and while it's good, it's not perfect. It gapes a little at the top and I think I could even go to a 28 band and maybe a cup smaller?

Anyway, was going to do a mega order from a website (can't get to the shops) and wanted some recommendations.

After 6 years b/feeding I am shallow on top. I am petite size 8. The Cleo Juna gore fits well and the wire is fine on me.

I'll try some 28Fs and 30Es but what models? Idina looks good, heard the Cleo Lucy is nice?

I don't mind the natural look and really liked the shape my Anita b/feeding bras gave.

Thanks in advance

SorrelForbes Sun 23-Feb-14 11:44:17

Yes I'd try the Cleo Lucy as it's very good for shallow breasts. The Idina balconette is a lovely retro style bra which suits many shapes.

The Tutti Rouge range is getting a lot of good reviews but I can't comment personally as they are too shallow for me.

eastdulwichbedwetter Sun 23-Feb-14 11:54:44

thanks! You should get a medal for your stirling service!

Agree re Tutti Rouge. You might also like Bravissimo branded half cups which are quite shallow. Also, what about the Cleo Maddie? I found this very shallow and a disaster on my slightly top heavy boobs which means it may well suit you? It runs smaller than juna in the cup, and possibly in the back too although the back was hard to judge due to the lack of cup space when I tried it!

With the gaping issue - unless it is very bad then going to the 28FF(same cup size) might sort it. I tried a Curvy Kate bra recently in a 30HH and 28J. The 30 gaped a lot especially where you are describing but the 28J didn't. Sometimes gaping can be down to the band not holding the bra up enough if it is a little loose

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