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Evening dress while breastfeeding...

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MultipleMama Sun 23-Feb-14 04:33:22

It's my birthday next Wednesday and DH has hired out a venue. I want to look amazing and elegant; like I would on a kid free night out. Not like a zombified, half-dressed mama with a kid on each boob while wearing a birthday sash!

I am ebf twins on demand so need something simple but easy enough to pop out the milk jugs!

I don't like maxi dresses (I'm big boobed and hate not wearing a decent bra). The only dresses I have are zip ups at the back and tight fitting.

Any ideas?

lovetheseasons1 Sun 23-Feb-14 05:25:37

Marking my place as I need a dress to attend a wedding soon and I am ebf my daughter. smile

lovetheseasons1 Sun 23-Feb-14 05:26:38

Hope you have a very happy birthday

PastaandCheese Sun 23-Feb-14 06:59:19

I would get a breastfeeding dress from somewhere like Tiffany Rose / Seraphine etc.

I am due #2 any day and have a wedding at Easter and will be doing this.

I went to a wedding when my DD was 4 months and chose maxi dress with wrap neckline. It wasn't great. She wanted feeding in the church and as it was a family wedding we were in the second row. I suddenly felt so self conscious having never been bothered about feeding in public.

A dress with a flap that kept my neckline covered would have been much better for me that day.

That said I went to a wedding when she was 10 months and could time feeds so she would only need one so I just chose exactly what I wanted and went to my room to feed her as it involved taking my dress off!

LaTrucha Sun 23-Feb-14 07:50:52

Two nice ones here

Looks ok but might be too drapet really

plainer but could use again

LaTrucha Sun 23-Feb-14 07:52:59


Sunnysummer Sun 23-Feb-14 08:26:53

There are some lovely ones at Isabella Oliver too, with draping that's great for the better endowed!

Also, there are often really nice IO / Tiffany Rose / Serpahine evening dresses on eBay and are excellent deals, as people wear them once and sell on in great condition. Have fun! smile

Minnieisthedevilmouse Sun 23-Feb-14 08:28:34

Budget? I'd go Isabella Oliver wrap type as forgiving and work when not connected to kids. Wash and keep well too. Often come up big so try smaller size first....

HemlockYewglimmer Sun 23-Feb-14 09:52:57

I have this one:

It falls really nicely, can be dressed up or down, is easy to feed in and I still wear it to work now even though I'm not breastfeeding anymore.

MultipleMama Sun 23-Feb-14 14:28:12

Thanks ladies. I'd like something above the knee that doesn't look like it's one of those wrap dresses. I'll have a look the websites, who knew there was so many!

Are there any that aren't fully stretch material all over? I need something that goes with my spiked jeffery campbells.

MultipleMama Sun 23-Feb-14 14:32:44

LaTrucha - I like that last one! I also like the coffee bean one too but's it's not the colour I need, may buy it anyway for another time...

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