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Nice clothes on a budget

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OneWayStreetToNoWhere Sat 22-Feb-14 21:56:14

Is there any good sites that I haven't discovered yet for this sort of thing?

frankietwospots Sat 22-Feb-14 22:02:32

Not sure which sites you already know but I like Uniqlo, Monki, ASOS and H&M when there is a good discount code.

Inthebeginning Sat 22-Feb-14 22:15:33

eBay. I get loads of my clothes from eBay. Often I get quite local so I can pick up too.

Deathwatchbeetle Sat 22-Feb-14 22:35:06

Might not be your sort of thing but I got a lot of tops and leggings type things from Matalan. Very pleased with them and they wash well. I got a lovely cardi too in the sale.

OneWayStreetToNoWhere Sun 23-Feb-14 00:26:17

Will have a look, thanks!

Mrswellyboot Sun 23-Feb-14 00:28:59


Tesco - I got a nice top last week

NotJustACigar Sun 23-Feb-14 00:29:34

I asked a woman from work where she shopped as she had some dresses I loved - she said Peacocks!

gd1976 Sun 23-Feb-14 00:57:50

I would set up some saved searches on eBay of clothes you know you like and fit etc and wait for the bargains. I bought a lovely coast black jumper for £6 and some Hudson jeans for £17 pounds and felt a million dollars and everyone commented on my outfit! I'd buy quality second hand on eBay than cheap new..,,,

LaTrucha Sun 23-Feb-14 07:55:49

Sorry for gatecrash, but how do you do that gd1976. I have a friend who uses Peacocks all the time and looks great. I can never find anything there.

chanie44 Sun 23-Feb-14 08:17:09

Go for clothes which fit you well and wash well. I think it is trial and error but avoid anything which will obviously fall apart quickly.

ExcuseTypos Sun 23-Feb-14 08:20:51

TK Max is good also. You need to have the time for a good rummage- but you can find some real bargains.

gd1976 Sun 23-Feb-14 08:39:51

Latrucha do you mean how do you set up the searches? Put whatever you want in the search box and then press the 'star' button which is near there and it will save that particular search and then you can regularly check it. I definitely have an unhealthy/addictive relationship with eBay however, I'm constantly looking!!!

LaTrucha Sun 23-Feb-14 09:29:11

That will save me a lot of time. Thanks!

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