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Can't find my favourite lipstick :(

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TwoNoisyBoys Sat 22-Feb-14 14:26:09

I bought a lipstick (from Poundworld of all places!) about a year was in a two pack with something else I wanted at the time. Anyway, when I actually looked at the lipstick, it was lovely, and I started using it ALL THE's a Miss Sporty called 'In Love' and it's a kind of coral-y red colour....really lovely. Of course it's nearly run out now, and it's obviously discontinued because it's not on any Miss Sporty counter.....I've looked on eBay and amazon but no luck....would any of you knowledgable ladies know where I could track one down? TIA smile

KringleCandleLover Sat 22-Feb-14 14:39:54

Superdrug online stock Miss Sporty. They have a lippie called I Love and a few other love variations.

KringleCandleLover Sat 22-Feb-14 14:46:46

There are 2 auctions on Ebay that I've found. bored at work

TwoNoisyBoys Sat 22-Feb-14 15:01:56

Kringle, you angel! Have just been on eBay and bought two! Was none listed when I've checked previously.....I'll be fully lipsticked up by next Wednesday! Thank you smile smile smile

GlamGemini Sat 22-Feb-14 16:42:34

That lipstick sounds fabulous!! smile

Glad you have found it :D

TwoNoisyBoys Sat 22-Feb-14 18:44:47

Thank you GlamGemini smile I'm bloody delighted! Have used the almost-last-bit of mine tonight.....I was saving it for a special occasion because I thought I'd never find a replacement! smile

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