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Casual clothes. (Photo)

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HermioneSnape Sat 22-Feb-14 08:06:07

Can someone link a couple of outfits they think would suit my figure please. Preferably lower end cost wise, going up to mint velvet, phase eight, etc.

I'm struggling at the moment to see what suits and what didn't. Dresipi is showing me clingy [sob]

MillyBlods Sat 22-Feb-14 09:36:26

What is your figuresmile

HelloBoys Sat 22-Feb-14 11:23:43

Your figure looks slim and you seem average or taller in height.

Any ideas of who you want to look like? Eg Mint velvet was in concession other day and found it v grey drapes and clingy.

RonaldMcDonald Sat 22-Feb-14 11:28:08

What size are you?
What stuff do you like?
For what?

You look alright as it is btw

MillyBlods Sat 22-Feb-14 11:28:33

Im sorry I can't see photos on phone.

HermioneSnape Sat 22-Feb-14 11:29:05

I'm an hourglass - I think? according to dresipi anyway.

I'm 5ft 5in.

I like dresses and fitted cardigans, like Bernadette on TBBT, or Holly Willoughby, but I work from home and have 4DC, so it might be stretching it to wear them all the time?

I like just basic things, but I never seem to look, "put together"

HelloBoys Sat 22-Feb-14 11:56:10

Tea dresses (what I see Holly wear) would be nice but maybe with leggings and ballet flats etc.

If you like their styles maybe Fat Face etc jersey dresses with leggings etc.

I don't see anything wrong with fitted cardigans

HelloBoys Sat 22-Feb-14 11:58:21

saw this yesterday in Uniqlo - its a stole cardigan and maybe better for relaxed days than a fitted one.

Hopefully Sat 22-Feb-14 12:00:18

If you have a small waist, then anything that accentuates it is probably going to make you look slimmer and more pulled together. Casual dresses with a cardigan buttoned at the waist, casual tea dress type shapes.

HelloBoys Sat 22-Feb-14 12:00:23

This dress I'd wear (Fat Face) lots similar in other brands:-

I really can't stand Mint Velvet (can you tell?!) and not than keen on Phase Eight either.

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